In Deaflympics 2017, athletes are challenging every difficulty, while their families travel thousands of miles for their children. Joy Roach, the mother of South African swimmer Mark Roach, is just one of those names.

Joy Roach who manage a company that operates a food and beverage services in South Africa, came from Johannesburg to Istanbul and then to Samsun by in total of 8,000 miles to support Mark Roach, his swimmer son who competes in Deaflympics 2017.

Roach, who has followed most of his son's performances on site since the 2011 World Deaf Swimming Championships in Portugal, said she only could not go to the 2015 World Deaf Swimming Championships in Texas.


Joy Roach, who traveled to many countries to support his son, is quite pleased with her time in Samsun. Roach stated her thoughts about the city and people as follows: "Samsun is very clean, according to South Africa, there are less and minor waves. People are very helpful, none of my questions left unanswered."


Mark Roach, the South African swimmer who is experiencing his second Deaflympics experience in his career, expressed his commitment to his mother who has traveled 8,000 kilometers to Samsun as follows: "I do not think I could compete here if she and her support were not there. She's a wonderful person, the best mother in the world."

The 20-year-old athlete stated that he came to Samsun for the first time and added that he achieved to compete in the finals of 200M Medley and 100M Butterfly thanks to her mother's support.

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