The Hayase couple in Japan's cycling team in Deaflympics 2017 is making a difference to the sports success of their country, as well as their fight for the rights of the deaf community.

Kentaro Hayase, 44, and Kumi Hayase, 42, came accross at university for the first time. Kentaro, who stated that his wife, who dreamed of becoming a pharmacist, was very popular in college and was very much liked by everyone said: "It was very difficult for me to get married to him." However, for Kentaro, Kumi's most prominent feature was not popularity, but his ambition and determination in realizing his dreams.

Kumi's dream in college turned into reality after a very difficult process. At that time, there was a law in Japan that prohibits the deaf from working as a pharmacist. Kumi created awareness in this regard through his signature campaign, which eventually led to the abolition of the law in Japan. Thanks to him and his supporters, deaf people can work as a pharmacist in Japan. Kumi is also proud of being the first deaf pharmacist in Japan.

His wife, Kentaro, has a private school for Japanese sign language training for deaf children in Japan. Kentaro is helping to increase the number of people who speak sign language in his country.

They are national athletes at the same time. Kumi in mountain bike and road cycling, her husband Kentaro in road cycling wear the national jersey of their country.

The husband and wife who came to Samsun for Deaflympics 2017 said that their struggle in Samsun, like their activities in the countries, gives courage to the deaf in Japan.


Hayase couple who came to Samsun this year and experienced Deaflympics for the second time in their career wants to take part in the games of 2021. Kumi, 42, who repeated her success of bronze medal in the mountain bike in Sofia said: "The next games have 3 years and 10 months left, this is not that far for me. I want to win again by working hard without using my age as an excuse"

Kentaro, 44, the oldest member of the cycling team of Japan stated: "I've seen a lot of athletes over the age of 50 in other sports. That reminds me that you have only one life. That's why I want to participate in the games 4 years later."

Kumi, who visited Istanbul, Ankara and Cappadocia when she first arrived in Turkey, said these for the people of Samsun: "Samsun suits me. People help many things that we do not know." Kentaro, who came to Turkey for the first time, told that the tire was blow-out while training in the city and everyone who saw her was offering their help. Kentaro said liked the most that a person passing by with his cow offered her to leave where she wanted to

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