Number 10 of Turkish Men's football national team, Eşref Metin Su, scored 5 goals in Deaflympics in 2017 and goes for to be the goaf king. Her sister Yaren Su also sweat for the Women's National Football Team, being an athlete thing runs in the family and the origin is their father.

Turkish Men's Football National Team step by step goes for the medal. Eşref Metin Su scored 5 goals. Eşref, who is only 22 years old, is one of the biggest trumps of the national team.

The number 10 of the team who is deaf from birth, is playing football in Markdorf club in Germany. Eşref who stated that there is no difference between the hearing and the deaf said: "We are the same, we have no difference. We have hands, we have feet, we have arms. We're the only deaf. We are the same, we have no difference. The only challenge is to dialogue. After all, we can not hear it, but we see it. "

Eşref's 17-year-old brother Yaren Su, who comes from a sportsman family, sweats on the women's national team. Yaren who started playing football at the age of 8 said: "We went to the matches with my brother and father. I started liking football there. This love affected my heart. I started playing in a club in Germany. I also both studied my courses and played football. I was not successful in education, I got bored. Afterwards, it was a great chance and I I was chosen to the national team.

Brother and sister's greatest supporter is their family. Father Nuri Su goes to every match of his children. Su said that he also played football in Germany, and said: "We formed a club to collect Turkish youth. I was playing football there. Eşref came to the stadium with me every weekend. We can say that we are football fanatics in the family "

Eşref and his teammates hope for the gold medal in Samsun. Yaren and her friends will be on the field for taking the fifth place.

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