Turkish Deaf National athlete Yasin Süzen broke a world record at the age of 18 with a pair of running shoes in 110 meters hurdles. Yasin, who won many championships in five years, will overtake the obstacles for the Olympic gold at Deaflympics 2017 in the Olympic city of Samsun.

The story of Yasin Süzen that started in Çakıllı village of Kırklareli continued with achieving world record and world championship. Turkish Deaf national athlete broke the world record with only a pair of running shoes at the age of 18. Yasin, working as a worker in a factory, achieved this success despite only being able to practice one full day of the week and injuring only 40 days before being a world champion. 

Yasin Süzen is now 23 years old and training every day of the week to be able to stay at the top. Yasin who will take the field as the favorite at 23rd Summer Deaflympics 2017 Samsun between the dates of 18-30 July in the 400 and 4x400 meters, is one of the silent heroes that will represent Turkey at Deaflympics 2017.


Yasin, who says success is going through hard working said: "If you have a target and believe in it, success does not stuck in obstacles. I break the world record in the 110 meters hurdle, now it is the Olympics' turn. I think the Olympics is the peak point for an athlete. I am happy to experience the excitement of this peak with Deaflympics 2017. I believe I will be successful because I work very hard. I will run for the gold medal with all my power to realize my dream."


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