Starlet Ecrin Köse who is a member of Turkish Deaf National Basketball Team which gave a break to their preparation due to Ramadan Bairam visited her family in Samsun. Köse who plays with the players who have not hearing-impairment in the Women's First League for three years stated that she targets to play in National A Team and America.

While the teams are preparing for their last camps for the 23rd Deaflympics, Ecrin Köse who is the most experienced player in Turkish Deaf Women Basketball National Team visited her family living in Samsun due to Ramadan Bairam. Ecrin, 20 years old, was a 9-month old baby when she lost his ability to hear because of middle ear infection. The talented basketball player, who can partly hear with a device, can communicate with his family without using the sign language.


Ecrin, who started playing basketball at the age of nine with the guidance of his teacher and has connected to the game with passion since then, started to play at Samsun Basketball Club at the age of 14 and rose up to the Women's First League. Now the young starlet who plays in 55 Youth emphasized her training with these: "We are training with the team for two hours a day. Individually, I do 2-3 hours of strength, conditioning and fitness workouts to improve my body. They are very big factors to be successful in Basketball" Ecrin who stated that she likes to score triple and she is very good at one-to-one and added "I had difficulties communicating with the team, I did not understand what my coach said. A team-mate of mine is supporting me in this regard. We are trying to understand each other. As we get used to each other over time, this communication lack is getting disappeared.


Ecrin stated that she started playing basketball in the courts in Samsun Doğupark and told her love of basketball: "I was the only girl. I've always been playing with boys. I was standing up again when I crumbled down or foul was made. I did not give up. My parents watched me here. When my parents called me home I said, 'I do not want to go.' I was not leaving even if it was hot "

The accomplishments of Ecrin Köse, who is studying department of coaching at Hacettepe University Sports Sciences Faculty, is astonishing. While starlet basketball player's medals, cups, and MVP (Most Valuable Player) awards ornaments her room, there are also international level achievements like a silver medal and score queen title which she won after U21 Deaf World Championship.

Ecrin stated that she admires Işıl Alben in Women's Basketball, Kerem Tunçeri in Men's Basketball, Stephan Curry and Derrick Rose in NBA and interested in cars said that she wants to get a driving license if she can find time during intensive training.


Ecrin said organizing Deaflympics is an advantage for them and added "We must use this advantage in the best way. Our aim is very big. We will take the field to be first. I have full faith in the support of Turkey. Our thing is not to give up and fight to the end. It does not matter whether you win or lose. The important thing is to compete. We do not give up and keep fighting"

The young basketball player said her target after the Olympics is to play basketball in America and to become a National A Team player.


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