On the 9th day of the 23rd Summer Deaflympics, the golf competition has ended with the medals being handed out to both men and women. Turkey Golf Federation President Ahmet Ağaoğlu is satisfied with the Turkish golfers' results.

Turkey Golf Federation President Ahmet Ağaoğlu, who came to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Golf Club for the medal ceremony on the last day of the golf competition, talked about both the organization and the performance of the Turkish golfers.

Mentioning two golfers who made it to top 16, Mehmet Yavuz and Muhammet Demir, he said: "These two sportsmen are real talents. These are talents that you see perhaps one in a thousand. What we expected from our players was to have them do their best and complete the game. They've gone above and beyond that. Mehmet has been playing for three months, Muhammet for six. To achieve their current level in such a short time is a rare feat in golf".

Ağaoğlu remarked that Muhammet lost to the eventual champion John Allen from Germany. "In the beginning, both Muhammet and the German golfer had close scores. Muhammet's great start baffled the German golfer. Muhammet normally was very disadvantaged compared to him but despite that, he competed very well. Allen said after the game that had Muhammet trained for longer, he could have even been eliminated", he said.


TGF President Ağaoğlu also commented on Samsun and the organization. He said that the needs of all the countries and the athletes were taken care of and that everyone had only positive feedback, and continued about the golf courses in Samsun and their future plans:

"We as a federation have this characteristic. We aren't a federation to leave something behind, unfinished. England, USA, Japan and Germany can be mentioned as countries that are good at golf. We as a federation offer almost twice as many opportunities to our sportspeople. We are very assertive in that. From now on, this facility in Samsun will be the center of golf in Turkey. We are continuing our efforts to hold Challenge tournaments, European and World Amateur Championships and more here. It is very likely that from 2019 onwards we'll host Challenge Tours here".



Mehmet Yavuz and Muhammet Demir, who managed to represent Turkey successfully and make it into top 16 despite having started training only 6 months ago, stated that they were satisfied with their performances and that they will continue competing.

Muhammet Demir thanked the federation for their help and stated they kept on playing without giving up even when their opponents were superior to them. Mehmet Yavuz drew attention to their own potential: "Our opponents were really good. We competed neck-and-neck, but there was a great gap in experience. Our past in golf goes back 3-4 months, but they have been doing this sport for years. If we are at a level to compete with them even now, then we can surpass them when we train for a longer time. From now on, we will take part in Deaflympics and other international competitions. Our federation really supports us. We will not let them down and continue training".

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