Esra Genç, the young Turkish deaf national athlete, who started volleyball with the aid of her primary school teacher in Akbuğday Village, Tokat, worked hard stubbornly for six years to get the national jersey. She is now preparing to make her dream of Olympics come true.

One of the significant names of Deaf Women's Volleyball National Team which will represent Turkey in 23rd Summer Deaflympics is Esra Genç. Esra genç, 20, started volleyball at the age of 12 with the guidance of her primary school teacher in Akbuğday Village, Tokat.

Esra Genç whose parents are also deaf said: "I was not deaf at first. I went to the deaf school in Amasya. I wanted to talk and do sports. But nobody was helping me. I had such a hard time. Then I went to my teacher Bağdagül Sevindik and asked her for help. She helped me. I started volleyball thanks to her. So, I will not forget the support of my teacher who helped me


Genç who feels proud to be the national volleyball athletes by overcoming all the obstacles said: "I worked on vacation, at home, at school, and in the village for six years before I was taken on the national team. I finally proved that I was successful. They came to pick me up. I am now a national athlete. I'm proud. Volleyball is love for me. So we will work hard for the Olympic Games. We will never stop for a while. These competitions are very important for us. Because Turkey is my country. That's the why we want to achieve it. "


The national athlete, who also told her mother that she played volleyball in front of the house with her friend when she went to elementary school said: "When my mom first saw me playing volleyball, she said, 'How do you know to play volleyball?' She was surprised when I said that I learnt it in school, and she encouraged me by saying 'Do not stop and continue'. My mother was crying happily when I got into the national team. I am very proud to be able to make her happy.

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