The official souvenir shop of Samsun Deaflympics 2017 in Deaflympics Village draws immense attention from athletes and participants.

In Deaflympics Village, where 1.015 people from 20 countries are residing, the official souvenir shop has entered into service. The guest athletes loved the shop, selling a wide range of items such as Çakır's dolls, bracelets, bags and hats. 

Iranian wrestler Hamidreza Kanani said he really liked the shop and continued: "We'd like to thank Turkey for giving us this opportunity. I've seen a shop like this for the first time in Turkey and I became really happy. I arrived by plane to Samsun today. While coming to Deaflympics Village via bus, I saw what a beautiful city Samsun is. In short, Turkey is really impressive".

Deaflympics 2017 Logistics Chief Officer Murat Bakıcı said that the shop opened on the 18th of July, on the first day of the Games. He said: "We want our guests, athletes and participants, to bring memories back to their country when they return. The shop has attracted a lot of attention. Actually, we're having trouble keeping up with the demand. People really like the shop".

Bakıcı stated that the Deaflympics mascot Çakır is the most sold souvenir. Bakıcı said: "We have magnets of the organization, pens and pencils with Samsun logos, powerbanks... And the most sold souvenir is the organization mascot Çakır".

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