Raziye Salım, a deaf athlete who played basketball for eight years, suffered a great disappointment when she could not enter the national team. Raziye, who did not even know to ride a bicycle on the day she received the offer, worked with great self-sacrifice, developed herself and now she is waiting for Deaflympics.

Raziye Salım, the 20-year-old daughter of a farmer family in Tavas, Denizli, met with a bicycle in March thanks to a friend from a national team. Raziye who stated that she was indecisive because she did not know how to ride a bike said: "I spoke to my parents. They thought and said, 'You may have some difficulty, but you can leave it if you want'. Thanks to the support of my family, I decided to join the team "


Raziye, who started with sports with basketball, could not find a chance to join the national team for 8 years. The dream of the national jersey caused her to start cycling by accepting the offer which was made by her friend on the phone. Raziye who expressed that she had many difficulties and she was wounded several times, in the beginning, said: "I had hard times because I did not know how to ride a bicycle in the first camp. I got used to a mountain bike in the third camp, and I made progress. My coaches also gave me a very good training"


The aim of Raziye, one of the most developed athletes in the team's four-month preparation period, is to be able to catch the greatest possible success in games. Although starting cycling from scratch seems like a disadvantage for her, she says she trusts both herself and his teammates and added "In Samsun, we aim to represent Turkey in the best way as a team and to be successful. I also want to participate in European and World Championships after Deaflympics."


Team's coach İsmail Demirel stated that Raziye was under very difficult conditions and made great sacrifices and said: "Raziye's family needed her from time to time because her family is a farmer one and they thought to call her back. Both her family and Raziye made great sacrifices and continue because it was a matter of national jersey. The fact that Raziye will compete in Deaflympics is a tremendous success in itself "


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