In women's 10m air rifle, Melanie Stabel from Germany broke the world record with a score of 205.4 and became the champion. The silver medal went to Ukrainian Violeta Lykova, while the bronze went to Hungarian Mira Zsuzanna Biatovski. The Turkish shooters Ayşe Coşar and Ayşe Temur ranked 13th and 16th respectively and couldn't qualify for the finals.

In men's rapid fire pistol, Ukrainian Oleksandr Kolodii won the gold medal. Korean Kim Taeyoung and another Ukrainian, Serhii Fomin followed him on the podium.

In athletics, Turkey's first medal came in hammer throw. Muhammet Çakır ranked 2nd after Russian Maxim Bgan. Japanese Takamasa Ishida took the third place.

In men's 400m qualifiers, Yasin Süzen ranked first in 4th series and Hasan Baydaş ranked second in 2nd series. Both qualified for the finals.

In men's high jump, Russian athlete Denis Fedorenkov broke the world record with 2.13 and won the gold medal. Belarussian Raman Hralko and another Russian, Konstantin Khilenko followed him.

In men's 3000m steeplechase, Kenyan Lucas Wanjiru broke the Deaflympics record with a time of 9:04.82 and won the gold medal. Chun-Che Chu from Chinese Taipei took the silver, while another Kenyan, Jacob Kipkemoi took the bronze.

In men's javelin throw, Shun Xin from China became the champion. Swedish Theodor Thor earned the silver and Venezuelan Jesus Garcia Abreu earned the bronze. Turkish athlete Alperen Akbulut ranked 11th.

In women's 100m, last champion and world record breaker Cuban Suslaidy Girat ranked 1st. She was followed by Beryl Wamira from Kenya and Marina Grishina from Russia.

In men's 100m, Ukranian Dmytro Vyvshynskyi won the gold medal with a time of 10.96. Iranian Hashem Yadegari won the silver and American Nicholas Jones won the bronze.

In men's 110m hurdles, Russian Alan Tyshenko became the champion; his second victory after 400m hurdles. Two other Russians, Vladislav Knyazev and Maxim Kulikov won the silver and bronze medals.

In women's singles Group L, Turkish athlete Nalan Kaygın defeated her opponent, Li-Chi Hsieh from Chinese Taipei, 2-0; completing her group as the leader with two wins in two matches. In Group M, Hale Küçüksevgili lost 2-0 to her Ukrainian rival Bohdana Hubanova and finished her group 3rd, getting eliminated.

In men's singles Group R, Doğukan Yılmaz defeated his Brazilian opponent Matheus Rocha Da Costa 2-1, achieving a win in his second and last match of the group stage and advancing to the next round.

In mixed doubles, the Turkish pair Kemal Özer/Nalan Kaygın lost 2-1 to the Indian pair Abhinav Sharma/Jerlin Jayaratchagan in Group I, but managed to advance to the next round with one win under their belt. After this match, Kemal/Nalan lost to the Russians Artemy Karpov/Alena Soboleva 2-0 in the round of 32 and got eliminated. In Group C, Doğukan Yılmaz/Gizemnur Uludağ lost 2-0 to the Russians Mikhail Efremov/Karina Khakimova and got eliminated, finishing the group stage without any wins.

In women's doubles Group E, Nalan Kaygın/Esra Zeynep Ergincan defeated the Indonesians Amalia Dzakia/Suni Venatalia 2-0, finishing as the group leaders and advancing to the next round. Hale Küçüksevgili/Gizemnur Uludağ lost 2-0 to their Chinese rivals Meng Wang/Heng Yan Zhang but managed to advance to the next round with a previous win under their belt, matching up with their compatriots Nalan Kaygın/Esra Zeynep Ergincan in the quarter-finals.

In men's doubles Group G, the pair Hasan Baygeldi/Doğukan Yılmaz couldn't compete against the Malaysians Heng Bock Francis Tan/Kok Fang Yeo due to Hasan Baygeldi's health problems. The Malaysian pair was declared the winner. With this result, the sole Turkish team was eliminated in men's doubles.

In men's basketball quarter-finals, the Turkish team finished the first half leading 7 points versus Ukraine, but was ultimately defeated 72-57 and lost their chances of a medal. Ukraine's opponent in the semi-finals is Venezuela, who defeated Argentina 77-67. Greece, who beat Russia 71-61, and Lithuania, who beat Slovenia 80-74, are the other two semi-finalists.

In women's basketball quarter-finals, Turkey lost 53-45 to Italy. Turkey will play 5th place matches now. The other semi-finalists are Lithuania, who slammed Kenya 100-12; Ukraine, who defeated Poland 60-33; and Greece, who defeated China 64-51.

In women's triples, the Ukranian team of Dina Parits, Nadezda Koroblinova and Olga Lotina won the gold medal. Two different Korean teams won the silver and bronze. The other bronze medal went to Russia. The Turkish teams consisting of Zehra Gülen/Burcu Koçyiğit/Feride Korkmaz and Zeynep Canpolat/Melek İman/Şükriye Mutlusoy ranked 16th and 18th respectively.

In men's football quarter-finals, Turkey defeated Iran 4-0 with a goal from İmamettin Sünmez (39') and a hat-trick from Eşref Metin Su (81', 87', 89') and reached the semi-finals. Turkey's opponent in the semi-finals is Italy, who defeated Great Britain in the penalties. The other two semi-finalists are Egypt, who defeated Germany 2-1, and Ukraine, who eliminated Russia in the penalties.

In men, German Allen John defeated British Steven Cafferty and made it to finals. His opponent is British Paul Daniel Waring, who defeated the Danish golfer Lasse Emil Nielsen.

In women, the Indian golfer Diksha Dagar, who defeated the German Amelie Gonzalez Podbicanin; and American Kayun Yost, who defeated the Norwegian Andrea Hjellegjerde, will be facing each other in the final.

In women's kumite +68kg, Turkish athlete Gamze Keresteci won the gold medal. The silver went to Russian Natalia Verdish and the bronze went to Iranian Bita Javaheri.

In women's kumite 61kg, Ukranian Karyna Ianchuk defeated the Russian Anna Sharandova in the finals. Turkish athlete Rümeysa Akyüzlü, who was defeated by Ianchuk in the semi-finals, shared the bronze with the Kazakh Yelena Salmina.

In women's kumite 68kg, Ukranian Inna Mazhara won the gold medal and Iranian Sara Adria won the silver. Turkish athlete Melek Dereköy and Russian athlete Daria Pavlova won the bronze medals.

In men's kumite 75kg, Russian Nikolay Kozlov defeated Ukranian Volodymyr Makhno and won the gold medal. Volkan Kardeşler, who lost to Kozlov in the semi-finals, won against Israeli Avi Bokler in the bronze match and gained the bronze medal. Bulgarian athlete Nikolay Hristov earned the other bronze medal.

In men's kumite 84kg, Venezuelan Yorman Gonzalo Vega Parra defeated Ukranian Oleksandr Makhno and earned the gold medal. Turkish athlete Şükrü Dündar lost to Vega Parra in the semi-finals and to Russian athlete Alexander Merkov in the bronze match, failing to find a place for himself on the podium. The other bronze went to Italian Giovanni Improta.

In men's kumite +84kg, Russian Sergey Tetyushkin defeated Iranian Hossein Tabartehfarahani in the final and earned the gold medal. The bronze medals went to Brazilian Heron Rodrigues Da Silva (who defeated the Turkish athlete Osman Kula), and to Venezuelan Alexander Alfonso Hernandez Vargas.

In men's singles Group V, Turkish player Avni Timuçin defeated Nigerian John Ezekwudo with a score of 3-0. Avni lost to Halit Mehmed Hasan from Bulgaria with a score of 3-1 in his second match. In Group J, Doğan Erdal defeated Kevin Daniel Ayala from Colombia with a score of 3-1, but lost 3-1 to Chinese Youyue Xu. In Group T, Garip Olcaş lost 3-0 to Czech Michal Kratochvil but defeated his Brazilian opponent Leonildo Oliveira 3-0 in his second match. In Group Y, Saffet Erdoğan lost to Kazakh Daniyar Iskendirov and Korean Cheoljin Shin, both 3-0.

In women's singles Group F, Emine Kahraman lost 3-0 to Ukrainian Mariia Vaylieva in her first match. In Group Q, Nevroz Çiftkuran lost 3-0 to German Annalena Moll in her first match. In her second match, Nevroz lost 3-1 to Angie Lizeth Bedoya from Colombia. In Group L, Meltem Akyaz lost 3-0 to Anamarija Hribar from Croatia. In Group H, Dilem Akyüz lost 3-0 Iwona Ewa Zyla from Poland.

Group matches will be completed on July 26 in table tennis, determining which players will advance from the group stage.

In women's middle distance, Ukrainian Hanna Fedosieieva won the gold medal. Russian Antonina Naidionova won the silver and another Russian, Marina Rosing won the bronze. Turkish athletes Huriye Karahan, Sevda Aktaş and Kadriye Demirci couldn't complete the race in the required time.

In men's middle distance, Russian Pavel Novikov won the gold. Another Russian Vladimir Grinn won the silver, and the Ukrainian Oleksandr Sankin won the bronze.

In the round of 16 of women's beach volleyball, the two Turkish pairs both got eliminated: İlayda Pay/Meltem Çal lost 2-0 to the German pair Nelly Steinbach/Peggy Steinbach and Ayşegül Yalnız/Damla Buğse Çelep lost 2-0 to the Ukrainians Anna Zatlylkina/Raisa Rylova.

In the round of 16 of men's beach volleyball, Yasin Okatan/Resul Tekin lost 2-0 to the Russian pair of Evgeny Kirillov/Ruslan Afanastev, bidding farewell to the Games.

In 97kg finals, İlhan Çıtak defeated his opponent Ukranian Viktor Antypenko with technical superiority and earned the gold medal. This gold medal is İlhan's second in Samsun and 7th overall. The bronze medals went to Sumit Dahiya from India and Assylzhan Tazhiyev from Kazakhstan.

In 65kg finals, Hosein Nouridashlejeh from Iran defeated Chinzorig Dorjdagva from Mongolia and became the champion. The Turkish wrestler Onur Arı lost to Nouridashlejeh in the quarter-finals. He won the repechage game afterwards and defeated the Russian Valeri Chemposov, winning the bronze medal. The other bronze medal went to the Indian Ajay Kumar. 

In 74kg finals, the Indian wrestler Virender Singh defeated his Georgian rival Shakro Chakvetadze and won the gold medal. The Mongolian wrestler Batbaatar Shirendev and the Russian wrestler Aleksandr Tsoktoev shared the bronze medal. The Turkish wrestler Oğuz Dönder lost to Tsoktoev in the quarter-finals and couldn't find a place for himself on the podium.

In 59kg finals, the Iranian Keyvan Rostemabadi defeated the Mongolian Erkhembayar Namdagdorj, earning a gold medal. The bronze went to Bulgarian Panayot Dimitrov and Armenian Sargis Sargsyan. The Turkish wrestler İsmail Hakkı Yılmaz lost to the Russian Egor Skyabin in the round of 16 and couldn't advance to the next round.

In women's doubles, the Turkish pair Tutem Banguoğlu/Asuman Saki lost to Chiu-Mei Ho/Chia-Wen Lin with sets of 6/0, 6/1. Tutem and Asuman will be competing to win the bronze now. The other finalists are the French pair Marine Beney/Aurelie Coudon, who defeated the Indians Parul Gupta/Madhu Jaiswal with two sets of 6/1.

In men's doubles, the French pair Mikael Laurent/Vincent Novelli (who defeated Egor Panyushkin/Iaroslav Revin 7/5, 6/2) and the German pair Urs Ferdinand Breitenberger/Hans Toedter (who defeated the Austrians Robert Gravogl/Mario Kargl 6/2, 6/4) have reached the final.

In mixed doubles, the French pair Vincent Novelli/Aurelie Coudon (who defeated the Indians Prithvi Sekhar/Shaik Jafreen 6/2, 7/5) and the Russian pair Egor Panyushkin/Polina Smirnova (who defeated Chun-Wei Wang/Chiu-Mei Ho from Chinese Taipei 6/4, 6/1) will be facing each other off in the final.

Turkish Deaf Men's Volleyball Team defeated USA 3-0 in the quarter-finals and made it to the semi-finals. They will face Iran, who defeated Italy 3-2. The other semi-final match will be between Russia, who defeated Japan 3-0; and Ukraine, who defeated Brazil with the same score.

In women's volleyball, the Turkish team lost 3-0 to USA and lost the odds of gaining a medal. USA's opponent in the semi-finals is Italy, who defeated Poland with a score of 3-0. The other semi-final match is between Ukraine, who defeated Russia 3-1; and Japan, who defeated Brazil 3-0.

Russian cyclist Ivan Makarov, who won the men's point race, became the second athlete after Slovakian Adrian Babic to get a gold, silver and bronze medal. The second and third places were also taken by other Russians, Evgeny Prokhorov and Alexander Ilinykh. The Turkish athletes Ercüment Boran ranked 13th, Cuma Ekener ranked 21st, Ali Korkmaz ranked 25th and Mustafa Önder Atik ranked 30th, while Kasım Asma couldn't complete the race.

In women's 100m breaststroke, Belarusian Aksana Petrushenka broke the Deaflympics record with a time of 1:13.36 in the qualifiers, then broke yet another Deaflympics record with a time of 1:12.33 in the final, winning the gold medal. Another Belarusian, Natalia Deeva won the silver medal, while Polish Julia Chmielewska won the bronze. Reyhan Küçük missed the medal with just 0.07 seconds, ranking 5th.

In men's 1500m freestyle, Japanese Satoi Fujihara improved his own world record by 3.06 seconds, earning the gold medal with a time of 15:37.64. Italian Federico Tamborrino took the silver and Polish Artur Pioro took the bronze.

In women's 4x200 freestyle, the Russian team of Maria Karpova, Ekaterina Savchenko, Eleonora Brykanova and Viktoriia Terenteva broke the world record with a time of 8:45.71 and became the champions. The silver medals went to China and the bronze medals went to Ukraine.

In men's 100m backstroke, world record holder Matthew James Klotz from USA improved the Deaflympics record he broke in the qualifiers, though he missed improving his world record by a mere 0.03 seconds. Yoshikazu Kanaji from Japan and Igor Zhuravlev from Russia won the silver and bronze medals respectively.

In women's 400m individual medley, Russian Polina Bilalova won the gold, Ukrainian Iryna Tereshchenko won the silver and American Emily Massengale won the bronze.

In men's 100m butterfly, Russian Andrei Zhivaev won the gold, Italian Luca Germano won the silver and another Russian, Ilia Trishkin won the bronze.

In men's 50m freestyle qualifiers, two Deaflympics records were broken consecutively. Matthew James Klotz's record of 23.92 in the 5th set was improved to 23.83 by Russian Ilya Sarykin in the 6th series. In the semi-finals held in the evening, Sarykin improved the Deaflympics record further to 23.68. Turkish swimmers Emre Gürsoy ranked 44th, Emirhan Eroğlu ranked 45th, Ali Özyalçın ranked 47th and Cihan Sarıoğlu ranked 49th and were eliminated.


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