Turkish Judo National Team which will represent our country in 23rd Summer Deaflympics taking place in 18 to 30 July are continuing their practices at Turkey Olympic Training Center (TOHM) in Eryaman, Ankara.

The Deaf Judo National Team which came back with six medals, two of which were gold from the Games held in Sofia four years ago, targets to go beyond this number of medals.

There are 11 men and 7 women athletes in the national team continuing their practices at Turkey Olympic Training Center in Eryaman, Ankara.
National Deaf Judo Team Head Coach Önder Karakoç said: "I hope that we will make the silence of the hearing impaired people to be heard. We want to reach the best achievement in this area at the 23rd Summer Deaflympics that we host. We target to raise Turkish flag to the flagpole.

Here is the roster of our Judo National Team:

Erkan Esenboğa,Enes Yıldız, Muhammed Delil Peksert,Abdullah Sevinç,Muhammed Ağaç,Mehmet Tekin, Lütfullah Mustafa Kılıç,Mevlüt Akmaz, Samet Bulut, Furkan Acar,Mehmet Uysal,Serpil Yavuz,Dilek Altın,Zehra Özbey,Didem Erel,Ayşe Kesiktaş,Münife Aydın,İpek Erçin.

Here are the results that Turkey achieved at the 2013 Deaflympics in Sofia:

Samet Bulut: 100 Kg - 2 gold medals
Veysi Göz: 66 Kg - 1 silver medals
National Judo Team: 1 bronze medal
Erkan Esenboğa: 60kg - 1 bronze medal
Abdullah Sevinç: 73 Kg - 1 bronze medal
23rd Summer Deaflympics Judo Fixture can be accessed from the link below:



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