Turkish Deaf Women's Volleyball National Team, in order to raise the Turkish flag, is doing double training in Deaflympics 2017. Deaf Sultans of the Net targets to win a medal.

Women's Volleyball National Team continues their training for 23rd Summer Deaflympics which will be held on between 18-30 July in Atatürk Sports Hall in Canik district.
The National athletes, who continue their preparations twice a day, will play their first match in Deaflympics 2017 on July 20 at Hasan Doğan Sports Hall with Russia.


Fuat Dokgöz, the experienced coach of the team, said that he has been coaching for 20 years and that their target is to stay competitive until the end of July. Takgöz stated that he was proud to be the coach of the team, "I was very happy when I was given the head coach position for Deaflympics 2017. There are as many good things as having difficulties with deaf people. If they believe in you, they always stand by your side. This is so beautiful"


In first, Dokgöz stated that they tried to create a young team, "We aim to go as far as we can with this community that we have created in order to represent our country in the best possible way. I think that if such an organization is in our country, it will bring a real echo. Because all the matches of this organization will be broadcast live in many countries of the world. I think it is a great chance to promote our country and Samsun. I wish success to all teams. Hopefully, our flag will be raised in many sports. I invite all the volleyball fans in Samsun to watch our matches and support us."


The 29-year-old captain of the team, Yeter Yalçın, said she likes his teammates very much and she protects and supports them. Yalçın who stated that volleyball is love and passion for her and said: "I'm here for my friends. I became deaf after I suffered a seizure when I was two years old. That's why I understand them very well. Because they start their life behind the others. I am here to protect and support them. It does not matter whether I am on the team or not. I want them to feel that I'm always with them. We work hard for the Deaflympics. We want to show ourselves in the best way. We have many shortcomings but we are trying to minimize them. Our priority is to be in the top 5, but why not the top 3. We want to achieve it in the name of volleyball, in this country,  in this Olympic Games"

Here is the roster of  Turkish Deaf Women's Volleyball National Team:
İlayda Alkan, Çağla Kezban Ateş, Gamze Canpolat, Tuğsem Şeyma Gürbüz, Fikriye Hulur, Didem Otamış, Melike Soyugüzel, Fatma Üzüm, Yeter Yalçın, Merve Nur Yarar, Hacer Dursun, Yeşim Yelken, Pınar Kaya ve Esra Genç.​


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