Sümeyye Merdivan, who continued his football career in Germany, 3 thousand km away from her motherland for 12 years returns home for Deaflympics. The 22-year-old successful football player will wear the national jersey for the first time on 18-30 of July in the Olympic city Samsun.

Deaf Women's Soccer National Team player Sümeyye Merdivan's biggest dream was to carry our flag on her jersey. Thanks to Deaflympics 2017 to be held in Samsun on 18-30 of July, this dream will come true.

Sümeyye who was born and raised in Germany loves football since her childhood. With the support of her brother, footballer like herself, she stepped into football at the age of 14. Sümeyye is now 22 years old and counts days to take the field in Samsun.

Sumeyye, who is full of the love of country, tells her story to meet with the national jersey: 
"I played football in the streets during my childhood. I worked very hard and took part in professional teams. I had times that I tired, fall down and but I never gave up. I always dreamed of representing my country and my flag. When I heard that Deaflympics was going to be organized in Samsun, I immediately took action. I reached up with my coaches in the Federation and I was invited to the camp of the national team. My teammates and I will do the best we can do to make the World know about our dream.



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