In the shooting branch, where Ukranian Oleksandr Kostyk had won the first gold medal yesterday, the Russian Dina Droganova won the second gold, in women's 50m three positions. She broke a world record in both the qualification rounds and the final. Droganova, who scored 452.9 points, was followed by the German Melanie Stabel and another Russian, Daria Bulavina in the podium.

In badminton mixed doubles, the Turkish team made it to the quarter finals by winning against Indonesia and losing to India 5-0. The Turkish team bid farewell to the tournament after losing 3-0 to China in the quarter-finals. The other semi-finalists are Chinese Taipei, Russia and South Korea.

The Turkish Men's National Deaf Basketball Team, who had lost to Poland in their first match of Group A, lost 87-55 to Lithuania in their second match. In the same group, Greece defeated Poland and Venezuela slammed Chinese Taipei with a score of 116-29.

In Group B, Russia defeated Kenya 103-55 and Slovenia defeated Australia 73-55. In the same group, Ukraine won against Argentina. 

In women's basketball, the Turkish team lost 38-37 to Greece in their first match in Group A. In the same group, Ukraine won against Kenya with a score of 94-11. In Group B, China defeated Russia and Lithuania defeated Italy.

Turkey Women's Deaf Football Team achieved their first victory of the tournament in their second match with a score of 5-0 against China, with 3 goals from Ayşegül Arı, one from Raziye Yeşilyurt and one from Özlem Aktaş. In the group, Poland defeated Russia 1-0 and Great Britain drew 1-1 with Brazil. With the latest matches, Poland is leading the group with 6 points. The Turkish team is 4th with 3 points.

Turkey Men's Deaf Handball team won 35-16 against Brazil in their first match and started Deaflympics off with a win. In the other match of Group A, Russia defeated Serbia with a score of 23-17. In Group B, Germany scored 26 goals against Denmark's 12.

In the Judo Kata pairs event, Turkish athletes Erkan Esenboğa and Abdullah Sevinç won the gold medal. The South Korean pair Myeongjin Han – Sun Hee Choi won the silver and the Ukranian pair Kateryna Shepeliuk – Vladyslav Mozyrev got the bronze.

In men's 60 kg, Erkan Esenboğa defeated Armenian Robert Gevorgyan and won the gold medal. Iranian Mehrdad Bodaghi and South Korean Myeongjin Han shared the bronze.

In men's 66 kg, Russian athlete Ruslan Askerov defeated Kazakh athlete Shayakhmet Kanapiyanov in the finals for the gold. Dutch Albert Westerhof and Ukranian Vladyslav Mozyrev won the bronze medal. Turkish athlete Enes Yıldız got eliminated before the quarter-finals.

Ukranian Dmytro Sharatov defeated Russian Sergey Belyaev to become the champion in men's 73 kg. French Camille Brasse and Mongolian Munkh-Orgil Badamsambuu shared the bronze. Abdullah Sevinç got eliminated before the quarter-finals.

In women's 48 kg, Maria Huitron of Mexico won the gold medal by defeating Russian Alina Pozdeeva at the finals. The bronze medal was taken by Ukrainian Kseniia Dovbyschchuk. Turkish athlete Serpil Yavuz failed to achieve a place for herself on the podium.

In women's 52kg, the last champion Ukrainian Anna Shostak defended her title by defeating Russian Chayana Oorzhak in the finals. The Mongolian athlete Lkhagvasuren Gantumur and the Polish athlete Dominica Bolek shared the bronze medal. Dilek Altın from Turkey lost to Lkhagvasuren Gantumur in the match for the bronze.

In women's 57 kg, Ukrainian Catherine Avdieieva achieved the gold in the finals by defeating Mongolian Oyundelgerek Baatar. The owners of the bronze medal were Venezuela's Mayerlyn Nereida Barreto Rodriguez and Russia's Liana Timasheva. Zehra Özbey lost to Timosheva in bronze medal game and couldn't find a place for herself in the podium.

In the women's doubles Group A, the Turkish team lost 3-0 Japan, 3-1 to Poland and 3-0 to China. In the men's doubles Group A, Turkey lost to South Korea, Hong Kong and finally to Ukraine (3-0).

In men's beach volleyball, in Group E the Turkish Yasin Okatan-Resul Tekin pair won against the Austrian pair Kurzmann-Grath in three sets. In their first match of Group B, the Turkish players Harun Metin-Emre Çiftçi lost to the Belarusian Artur Drabenok-Viktar Litvinka in two sets.

In women's beach volleyball the Turkish pair Ayşegül Yalnız–Damla Buğse Çelep lost to the Germans Nelly Steinbach-Peggy Steinbach in two sets in their first match of Group D. Another Turkish pair, İlayda Pay-Meltem Çal lost to the Mexicans Ana Rosa Sandoval-Erika Segoviano also in two sets in their first match of Group C. 

In women's singles first round, the Turkish athlete Asuman Saki defeated her Indian rival Madhu Jaiswal in 2 sets with scores of 6/1, 6/3 and advanced to the next round. Tutem Bangüoğlu won against the Italian Giulia Bassini 6/3, 6/2 and also advanced to the next round. Beste Mürşitoğlu lost to French Aurelie Coudon 0/6, 0/6 and was eliminated. Turkish national Berçem Kol lost to Indian Shaik Jafreen 0/6, 3/6 and bid farewell to the tournament.

In men's singles second round, Necati Görmez from Turkey, who had received a bye in the first round, lost 0/6, 0/6 to the British Jack Alexander Clifton. In the same round, Sercan Yeşilova lost 0/6, 0/6 to his Slovenian rival Marino Kegl.

The Men's Turkish Deaf Volleyball Team, who were the last world champions, won 3-0 against Brazil in their first match of Group A. In the same group, Italy beat Venezuela in three sets. In Group B USA defeated Poland and Ukraine defeated Russia. 

In women's volleyball, the Turkish team got defeated 3-0 to Russia. In the same group, Japan won against Canada in 3 sets. In group B, Poland managed to beat Brazil in 5 sets and USA defeated Ukraine.

In women's 50m breaststroke, the Belarusian Aksana Petrushenka, who won 6 gold medals in the last Games, kept up her performance and won another gold with a time of 33.48. Ukranian Iryna Tereshchenko won the silver and Polish Julia Chmielewska won the bronze medal. Turkish swimmer Reyhan Küçük became the 8th.

In women's 200m freestyle, Russian Viktoriia Terenteva broke a world and Olympic record with her time of 2:04.64 and gained the gold medal. Chinese Yuchen Hu and Ukranian Mariya Rezhylo followed her on the podium.

In men's 50m backstroke, the American Matthew James Klotz, who had won two gold medals in the last Games, broke the world record with a time of 26.26 and won a gold medal. The Russian Igor Zhuravlev, who broke a world record with a time of 27.05 in the qualifying series, won the silver and the Japanese swimmer Yoshikazu Kanaji won a bronze medal.

In the men's 400m freestyle final, Japanese swimmer Satoi Fujihara broke the Deaflympics record with a time of 3:57.90 and became the owner of the gold medal. Artur Zbigniew Pioro from Poland won the silver and the Italian Federico Tamborrino won the bronze medal.

In men's 200m butterfly, the Polish swimmer Konrad Powroznik won a gold medal with a time of 2:04.94. Japanese Satoi Fujihara became the silver medalist and the Italian Luca Germano gained the bronze.

The Russian team of Vitalii Obotin, Miron Denisov, Maria Karpova and Eleonora Brykanova won the gold medal in the 4x100 mixed freestyle relay final by breaking the world record and the Olympic record with a time of 3:54:28. The Ukrainian team won silver and the British team won the bronze medal.

In the 4x100 women's medley relay final, the Russian team, consisting of Olga Kliuchnikova, Ekaterina Kulikova, Ekaterina Savchenko and Viktoriia Terenteva, won the gold medal by breaking the world and Olympic record with a time of 4:20:88. Belarus gained the silver and Ukraine gained the bronze medal.

In the men's 50m backstroke series, Turkish national athlete Ali Özyalçın ranked 31st and was eliminated. Özyalçın also competed in the 400m freestyle series and ranked 23rd. In the 4x100 mixed medley relay, the Turkish national team consisting of Reyhan Küçük, Ali Özyalçın, Meliha Uncu Tosun and Emre Gürsoy became the 14th and could not reach the finals.


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