The athletes, participating in the 23rd Deaflympics holding in Samsun between the dates 18-30 July, and their families will be able to stay at the hotels with prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 250 per day.

23rd Deaflympics which will be opened with a magnificent ceremony in Samsun on July 18 and will continue until July 30, will make a great economic contribution to hotel and motel companies in Samsun and many other sectors. Murat Toktaş who is the director of Blacksea Region Association of Tourist Agencies (KATİD) and the member of the board of Hotel Association of Turkey (TÜROFED) stated that bookings were being made into the hotels and that the nightly accommodation fees were also clear. Within the framework of agreements made with countries which will send athletes to the city, foreign athletes, families, and members of the press will be able to stay in the hotel for between 100 and 250 dollars.

Toktaş who said that they are both excited and proud to be the host of the world's third largest organization and added: "The preparations for 23. Summer Deaflympics has been going on for about a year now. Many of our facilities are available as both physical and infrastructural way. As we countdown the days for the games, requests for reservations from the countries to the hotels began to come. Booking for Germany as the largest committee that is currently coming, have been confirmed. Our guests from America, Russia, Far East and Northern Europe are visiting the hotels and collecting preliminary offers. We currently have 5 hotels which have bookings from 12 countries. Within a few weeks, we will have achieved the final result that we want."


Toktaş who stated that the price range is determined according to the status and capacities of the hotels said: "Domestic and foreign guests coming from different countries will be able to accommodate 100 to 250 dollars per room. In addition, we work with the Ministry of National Education in order to provide better service and healthy communication with our future guests and make many of our staff to receive sign language training. We are already very sensitive in this regard."


Toktas recalled that the Olimpiyat Village was established within the Ondokuz Mayıs University and the capacity would be between 3.400 and 4.000. We know that, although it is not certain, 3 thousand athletes are pre-booked to stay at the Athletes' Village. We will have a bed capacity of 3 thousand beside from the Athletes' Village. So, there will be no problems in terms of accommodation. In other words, the athletes, families and press members will not stay outside


Murat Toktaş, who added that they were expecting guests from 89 countries and were excited, said: "The third biggest sporting event in the world will be in Samsun. Even, such an organization has gone out of Samsun and has become an important organization for Turkey. Because it will take place in sports bulletins and newspapers of many countries. That's why we care so much. We want to send off our guests who come here as a tourist ambassadors and friends of Turkey. I believe these Olympic games will bring prestige to our city. Because it is not easy to host such an organization. In this sense, we are ready for the Olympics as Samsun. We expect our guests."


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