Black Sea Touristic Businesses Association Board of Directors President Murat Toktaş has stated that Deaflympics 2017 has had a contribution of around 10M$ dollars to Samsun's economy. Samsun's shopkeepers and tradesmen are happy.

The 3rd largest sports organization of the world, 23rd Summer Deaflympics has ended with a closing ceremony on the 30th of July. More than 5 thousand participants travelled from overseas to the organization, which brought together more than 3 thousand athletes from 6 continents and 97 countries.

Black Sea Touristic Businesses Association (KATİD) Board of Directors President Murat Toktaş said the organization boosted the morale and image of Turkey, caused tourism to liven up in Samsun and created significant economic value in the city.

Toktaş stated that participation was around 5250 people, including national delegations. He said: "With Deaflympics, Samsun became an important city of sports tourism. The money inflow in terms of accomodation has been 5M$, and with other spendings included, it reaches almost 10M$. So we have experienced and shown that there are different types of tourism and money can be earned in different ways".


Deaflympics 2017 has also made the shopkeepers and tradesmen of Samsun smile. Athletes and delegates from 6 continents walked Samsun's streets and went shopping when they had the time from the events. Samsun's shopkeepers and tradesmen are very happy, stating Deaflympics changed the atmosphere of the city.

Ercan Alay, the owner of a café, said the Deaflympics had a tremendous contribution. "Our guests were positive, cheerful, understanding people. The atmosphere of the city truly changed", he said.

Hayriye Duru, the manager of a shop, reiterated that the guests were very friendly. She continued: "I think the games created awareness. People wanted to learn sign language; we always want this".

Samsun Deaflympics 2017 has also livened up exchange offices. Exchange office owner and jeweller Hüseyin Anıl stated the guests exchanged a lot of cash and were interested in the jewellery. "I hope there's another Olympic Games in Samsun", he said.

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