216 volunteer delegation assistants who will take part in the 23. Summer Deaflympics continue their training. The assistants will form a bridge between the guest delegates who will come to Samsun and the coordination center and they will help them in all kinds of matters.

All preparations are continuing for Deaflympics 2017 which is the third largest sports organization in the world and will start on July 18th in Samsun. Delegation assistants, consisting of 216 volunteers, also receive weekly training to help delegates from all over the world.

Director of Delegation Assistants Alperen Ardahanlı said that they closely follow the training process given to the assistants in order to ensure that the athletes and the delegations who will come to the city for the games work more efficiently.


Ardahanlı stated that a total of 216 volunteer delegation assistants will be working and added " 120 of the assistants are hearing volunteers, the 96 of them are hearing-impaired volunteers. We even have sign language interpreters among our volunteers. In addition, during the preparation period for games, we also give 4 months sign language training to our volunteers who do not know sign language. We determine the number of assistants to accompany the delegations according to the number of delegations from other countries.  We provide a volunteer assistant for every group of 50 people. We can give a maximum of 6 volunteers to 300 delegates. The most important feature of our assistants is their ability to link us to other countries."


Ardahanlı stated that they first let the volunteer assistants to know each other in the training process and added: "There are formal and informal instructions in our training. This allows them to get to know each other at the beginning of the process. We requested them to build their own social media and want them to draw up their own information on papers. So, they become familiar with each other with these drawings. Then we continue to train with various presentations like Deaflympics orientation and what delegation assistant do.

During the training process, we give the assistants the tasks they need to perform within a 50-minute period. But we do not help them with what to do. The aim here is to strengthen their ties between them by enabling them to use their skills, visuals and sign language more.


Ardahanlı said that the assistants will experience the first time experience of being volunteers in the Olympics and added "Training given to assistants are in European standards. When our volunteers are involved in another organization, they will not feel out of things. In addition, at the end of these training, everyone will know each other, solve a problem and understand what delegation assistant means. They will work on behalf of the needs of delegates 7/24 during the period the games.


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