One of the most interesting and successful faces of Deaflympics 2017 is Ertuğrul Bursa. Bursa has been in the Olympic games for 48 years as both player and manager.

Ertuğrul Bursa is one of the first names to come to mind in terms of Deaflympics in Turkey. His Olympic adventure which started in 1969 by Gündüz Tekin Onay's putting him on the national football team was crowned with a gold medal in Denmark where he went as a technical delegate in 1997. In 2017, his work is still not finished. A 70-year-old athlete who had a hearing impairment due to an illness which he had when he was five years old, participated in 11 Olympics including 8 summer and 3 winter. He served many years in Turkish Deaf Federation.

While Ertuğrul Bursa fits many successes in his active football career, he took the second place in the Balkan Football Tournament of Romania in 1973, the third place in 1975 in Balkan Football Tournament of Bulgaria, and the second place in 1977 in the same tournament.

“The Best one will be in Turkey."

Bursa, one of Turkey's Deaflympics nomination delegates, stated "After our nomination was accepted, we went to Rome. We competed to organize the Olympics with Spain and Argentina and we won. At first, The games were planned to be played in Ankara. Afterwards, the ministry of sports was consulted and the proposal of Samsun was brought forward.

In Samsun, the number of facilities has increased very much recently. So, we agreed. Australia and Thailand have organized the best Olympics I have ever seen. They were very good, but I think that Turkey can pass these countries. I claim that the best Olympic organization in the world will be organized in Samsun"

His Desire is the Winter Olympics

The targets of Ertuğrul Bursa have not finished yet. The experienced manager, after the Summer Olympics, also calls for the Winter Olympics to be hosted and completed his words as follows: "We have the place, we have the facilities. Everything is ready."


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