Ertuğrul Bursa, who has followed 11 Deaflympics including 8 summers and 3 winters first as an athlete, then a technical delegate for 48 years experienced the proudest moments in his career by lighting the torch of Deaflympics Samsun 2017.

The Olympic adventure of Ertugrul Bursa who is one of the first names to come to mind when it comes to Deaflympics in Turkey started with getting into national football team by Gündüz Tekin Onay and continue until today with many assignments including being a technical delegate.


The 70-year-old sportsman was thrilled when he reached the Yeni 19 Mayıs Stadium to perform the most important task at the ceremony. Bursa, who said that he was very proud when he saw the crowd coming to the stadium for the opening ceremony, said, "I think I will be very joyful and excited at the moment of lighting the torch. The ambiance and the atmosphere in here are extraordinary. I am very happy right now but I am going be much happier when light the torch. I am very happy that people are here and have shown such a great interest."


After the parade in the magnificent ceremony was completed, the torch is first taken over by the national wrestler Ismail Otamış, followed by the national football players Kemal Baloglu and Selahattin Bozdağ and finally, it passed to Ertuğrul Bursa. The excitement was in the air in the tribunes when Bursa completed his run and lit the Olympic flame.

Ertuğrul Bursa, who lit the Olympic flame in front of an enthusiastic crowd, expressed his feeling at that moment:

I am very proud. I'm so excited. I felt my heart was going crazy. Here you see the flags of all countries. Samsun is the host and right now, Samsun has a very nice appearance. The Olympics are going very well. Everything is very nice with the preparation and the beginning. As you know, I finalized the run at the torch ceremony. I'm proud and I'm glad. I greet everyone from here."


Bursa who reminded that they won 33 gold medals in Bulgaria four years ago, continued: "We want to gain more than 50 or 60 medals in Samsun as the host. Samsun should make the best organization until today. We should do this. We also thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for their support."

The Olympic flame that Ertuğrul Bursa lit will shine in Samsun until the closing ceremony to be held in Mustafa Dağıstanlı Sports Hall on 30th of July.


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