Athletes and coaches who will participate in the opening ceremony for thhe 23rd Summer Deaflympics voiced their excitement for the opening in Olympic Village.

Athletes in Olympic Village were waiting excitedly for the opening ceremony of Deaflympics 2017, the competition with the highest number of participants in Deaflympics and Turkish sports history.

Turkish national wrestler İlhan Çıtak, who will carry the Turkish flag in the opening ceremony where more than 3 thousand athletes from 97 countries will participate, said he is as excited as his first day in Deaflympics even though Samsun 2017 is his seventh.

Basketball National Team Head Coach Cengiz Kuru stated that they are longing to meet with the people of Samsun with excitement for a long time and added: "Olympic experience is a pride that every athlete and coach should experience. We will do our best"


One of the eye-catching names waiting for the opening ceremony was 4,5-year-old Hamza Şöhret. Son of Turkey Tennis National Team head coach Hilal Şöhret and Turkey Deaf Sports Federation member Aşkın Şöhret, he posed for the photographers as a wrestler as a kid who started to wear his "kıspet", the Turkish traditional wrestling attire, when he was only 40 days old.

Meanwhile, 56-year-old Kasım Asma, the captain of Turkey National Cycling Road Team and the oldest athlete in the 294-people Turkish roster, said he is very excited for the opening ceremony and the 1000m race he will compete in on the 19th of July.


34-years-old British hammer thrower Victoria Lishman said she competed in Taipei 2009 and Sofia 2013 before and ranked 5th and that she's excited to carry her national flag in Samsun. 2000- and 2001-born young British swimmers Ciara Lucy Tappenden, Jasmine Rose Seamarks, Shiona Mcclafferty and Lucy Sharp stated they wanted to learn from the experience of Lishman minutes before their first Olympic experience starts.

The athletes made their way to 19 Mayıs Stadium to participate in the opening ceremony after completing their preparations.

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