Turkey's Deaf Women Basketball National Team which will taste their first Olympic excitement and also the first Olympic experience entered a camp with a team which is the result of hard work started in October and the age average is nineteen.

Turkey's Deaf Women Basketball National Team which will represent Turkey in 23rd Summer Deaflympics entered a camp in Samsun. National team coach Gaye Cilvezoglu transferred the last situation on the team.
Cilvezoglu who stated that they have continued their work with the 14-member Olympic team and added "We can say that everything goes well for us unless there is no injury. We continue to prepare for the games with our tactically and technically oriented work."

Cilvezoglu stated that while she was selecting the players, she used Super League teams and school tournaments for forming the 19 years old averaged team to prepare for their first serious tournament and added "There is a young, dynamic and potentially high team. As a technical team, we have been following regular matches since October. As a result of these matches, we have reduced the nominee of 20 candidates to 14. "

The young coach who stated that they wanted to take the advantage of the home advantage in the Olympic Games and added "Our goal is big this year. Because we are hosting the Olympic games. Turkey's Deaf Sports Federation President Yakup Kihtir is also very supportive. Our aim is to be ranked in the first three. We believe we will succeed using our home advantage.

Team captain Esin Bilgisi stated that they wanted to exhibit the best performance that they can and said: "We want to get medals for Turkey".

Turkey Deaf Women Basketball National Team has the following names in the team:

Çağla Aslan, Feyzanur Bal, Esin Bilgili, Dila Büyükavcı, Gamze Çalışkan, Büşra Çevik, İnci Göğer, Ecrin Köse, Gözdenur Örencik, Meltem Subaşı, Çağla Nur Uzundurukan, Merve Yeşilyurt, Hümeyra Gündem, Kübra Demir.


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