Necati, who is 17 years old with a hearing impairment from birth, overcame his impairment by playing tennis. The young man who is holding on with the support he receives from sports and coaches prepares to represent our country in the Olympics.

Necati Görmez, a child of a working-class family living in Ankara, overcame all the obstacles in his life with the love of tennis. Necati, who started tennis ten years ago with the help of his environment, became a hope of hearing-impaired young people like him.

"Sports is my life, my biggest is the Olympics"

Necati stated that tennis and sports make him feel that he is alive and explains his new life as follows:

The sport made me left the industry job, and it invited me to the tennis courts. I've worked hard with my coach Hilal, and every time I crumble, I get up on my feet again. Anyway, ambition is very important in sports. Since I started playing tennis, I have always been motivated myself by thinking that my life is going well. I saw what could be done with determination and desire. I believe that I can do a lot better than I have, and it makes me even more excited. In this journey which I started with tennis, I think I will overcome all obstacles in my life like in tennis. Sports is my must, I want to be an example of all my friends with disabilities like myself. Because young people like us need people who will lead them and give them hope. Most importantly, now I love people and life. I would like to realize one of the biggest dreams of mine by representing our country in the Deaflympics which will be held this year in Samsun. My biggest goal is to win a medal for my country in the Olympics. "

“I don't like people”

Necati's greatest hero is the coach Hilal Şöhret. Şöhret expressed the tough process they experienced like this: "When we met Necati, he was both an apprentice to his father's automobile industry and going to school. He was a  withdrawn child who was not able to communicate with anyone. He had shaken his confidence because of being hearing impaired, seeing himself as excluded from society. He once said, "Coach, I do not like people." I can never forget the fear and frustration I get when I hear this sentence.

Necati’nin en büyük kahramanı antrenörü Hilal Şöhret. Şöhret, yaşadıkları zorlu süreci şöyle anlattı: “Necati ile tanıştığımızda hem babasına oto sanayide çıraklık yapıyor, hem de okuluna gidiyordu. Kimseyle iletişim kurmayan, içine kapanık bir çocuktu. İşitme engeli kendine olan güvenini sarsmıştı, kendini toplumdan dışlanmış olarak görüyordu. Bir keresinde “Hocam insanları sevmiyorum” demişti. Bu cümleyi duyduğumda kapıldığım korku ve hayal kırıklığını hiç unutamam.

Step by step to the Victory…

Necati, who was not confident in the beginning and reluctant to the training, began to get successful results in a short time with his ambition and talent. The young athlete who gained self-confidence as he succeeded, totally abandoned helping his father in the industry and completely devoted himself to the tennis courts. Necati who wanted to win the battle against life at courts practiced for 5 years, 7 days a week, 3 hours a day. With accumulation and labor, today Necati is a young man who is self-confident and is respected in his environment and loves people.

He has provincial grades in Ankara and by participating in the Deaflympics which will take place in Samsun, he will show all the young people like him that obstacles can be overcome by sports.


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