Samsun Deaflympics 2017 is not only attractive by the number of participants; At the same time, it has also a great importance to build a bridge between deaf and hearing people. Deputy Director of Sign Language and Training Department Hasan Dikyuva described Deaflympics as a great opportunity in terms of awareness of the deaf.

Deaflympics 2017 Sign Language and Training Department Deputy Director Hasan Dikyuva is also a sign language linguist and academics. Dikyuva, who studies the sign language in Ankara University, actively participates in sign language education of volunteers in this special organization in Samsun, with the arrangement of sign language guides and booklets supporting the Olympics.

Hasan Dikyuva who stated that Samsun Deaflympics 2017 creates a great awareness to overcome obstacle, said: "Deaflympics is a fabulous organization. The reason is; When we looked at it from time to time, the awareness is increased, perceptions changed. People saw what the disabled people can do; They saw that they can accomplish these tasks in general. This awareness is very good. The people who are deaf became a source of pride. They were proud because they have created an awareness. They were happy in Deaflympics. I am a part of this."


Hasan Dikyuva stated that the biggest mean is the sign language for the deaf people to communicate well with the speakers: "There is no other World for the deaf and hearing people. In a single world, we are equal. We want to continue equally. If the hearing can learn the sign language, the obstacle in communication will be removed. God willing, through this, that will happen too."


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