International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) President Mr. Valery Rukhledev has arrived at Samsun for the 23rd Summer Deaflympics. Rukhledev said that he is very pleased with the preparation process for the Games.

Mr. Valery Rukhledev, who answered the questions directed at him at Samsun Çarşamba Airport, said that he expects that Deaflympics 2017 Samsun will be the largest organization in terms of participants and he added that he is very pleased with the organization’s preparation process.

The 69-year-old sports director, who said that Turkey is a very strong country in every sense and that the organization has received both material and moral support, continued: “As we have clearly seen during the preparation of the games, Turkey is a very powerful country. The preparations and the event venues in Samsun have been completed very quickly. In fact, I can even say that we are a little surprised that the preparations have been completed so quickly.


Emphasizing that Samsun is a sports city, Valery Rukhledev remarked on the impact Turkey and Samsun have made as a result of the Games: “The worldwide impression of Turkey and the preparations for the games are great. Samsun was a calmer and quieter city before the Games. But the enthusiasm and dynamism that started with the Games have spread worldwide rapidly”.


Rukhledev, who frequently praised the preparations for the Games and the quality of the organization, added his expectations after the Deaflympics: “We would like Samsun’s and Turkey’s culture to spread worldwide, and people worldwide to visit Samsun and Turkey. We want Samsun and Turkey to go down in history and Samsun’s culture to be remembered after the Games.”

Samsun 2017, the largest Deaflympics to date in terms of number of participants, will start with the opening ceremony on 18th of July and last until 30th of July.


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