President of The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) Valery Rukhledev said that Samsun 2017, which has a success rate of 99.5 percent, is the best Deaflympics in history.

President of The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) Valery Rukhledev and General Coordinator of Deaflympics Samsun 2017 Serkan Baltacı held an overall evaluation meeting.
At the meeting, Rukhledev, who started his words with thanking especially President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and everyone who has contributions to successfully finalize Deaflympics 2017 Samsun and continued: "It was an excellent organization especially in terms of security. All officials from security to transportation, from accommodation to interpreting service are very helpful to the participants. I think this organization in Samsun has 99.5 percent of success rate."

When the Russian sports manager were asked whether the games in Samsun were the best Deaflympics in history, he replied:

"I attended Melbourne 2005. That Deaflympics was very good Deaflympics. I thought there would be no better Deaflympics. Then in Taipei 2009, better was organized. I was very surprised and again I thought, 'It will not be any better than this.' But Deaflympics Samsun 2017  succeeded to raise the level once again. When we look at technology, information flow, facilities and many aspects, I can say that Turkey has organized the best Deaflympics in the history. "

In the Q&A session with the press, Deaflympics General Coordinator Mr. Serkan Baltacı was asked: "There was a coup attempt in your country a year ago. The political situation was troublesome. They eyes of the world were on you. With all these problems, how did you manage to host such an organization?". Before answering this question, Mr. Baltacı invited Mr. Rukhledev to speak, who was in Turkey on the 15th of July. Rukhledev stated that ICSD members voiced their concerns to him. He continued: "But what was important was Turkey staying a country of democracy. Turkey managed to get out of this phase without problems. I was trusting Turkey from the beginning. I knew the organization wouldn't get cancelled. Yes, maybe we would have troubles but I told the members not to give up. Turkey continiously gave us detailed reports on security. And as we're seeing today, there were no problems".
General Coordinator Mr. Baltacı thanked Mr. Rukhledev for supporting them throughout this phase. He said: "We Turks are emotional. We never forget people who stand by us on our troubled days. Mr. Rukhledev supported us by calling on not just 97 countries here, but all 109 ICSD members to trust us".
Mr. Rukhledev, when asked if he had a memory about Turkey he couldn't forget, answered: "Turkish officials told us they'd like to host the organization in Samsun, not Ankara. But there weren't many facilities in Samsun. They promised us all facilities would be completed on time. But we were worried, because we had little time. To see the speed of the constructions in every next visit surprised us. Turkey completed facilities compliant to international standards in a very short time. I will always remember this."
Rukhledev also stated that the 2021 Games would be held either in Los Angeles or Dubai, but that his personal choice would be Dubai.

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