23rd Summer Deaflympics brings together those whose love of sports increased thanks to Deaflympics, as well as the people of Samsun in tribunes. Samsun is the most colorful organization in terms of the interest of the audience as well as the record of Deaflympics in terms of the number of participants in Deaflympics 2017.

Competitions in 21 different sports with more than 3,000 athletes from 97 countries continue at full speed in Deaflympics 2017. Thanks to the Olympic excitement surrounding the whole city, the interest of the people in Samsun in sports has increased even more. The people come kilometers of way to follow the matches played at the facilities of many different points of the city everyday.

Mine Kurtoglu, 34, opera singer who came to Atakum Olympic Swimming Pool to watch the competitions said: "We moved to Samsun this year. I always say everyone; It is a privilege to live in Samsun. If we were in a big city, we could not easily reach such an organization. Now we have the opportunity to watch the athletes from all over the world in our home. We are very happy. I thought it would be an example for my child. We plan to show our child all the sports and we planned to take actions for the future of our child.


Zümrüt Caglayan who takes 45 km way to reach Bafra District of Atakum said: "The competitions are very good. It's so much fun. Athletes are also successful. Watching is also enjoyable"

Rana Karabulut, a young student, said she enjoyed swimming which she learnt from a training center and enjoyed watching competitions.

Deaflympics 2017 will continue to bring together thousands of sports fans from all ages until the 30th of July.


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