Foreign crowded groups in large numbers begun to come to Samsun for 23rd Summer Deaflympics to be held from July 18 to 30,

The participant countries sent athletes to Samsun in small groups in the previous week, but as the games come closer, more crowded groups started to arrive in Samsun. Venezuela and Russia set foot in Samsun with groups consisting of over 100 people as seven days are left to start Deaflympics. The group, which mainly includes athletes to compete in athletics, was welcomed by Çakır, the official mascot of the organization.


 There was also Jesus Garcia in the first arriving group of Venezuela tı Samsun, a record holder of Deaflympics.Garcia, who gave a brief interview at the airport, said, "I am a javelinist. I came here for the Deaflympics. I broke a Deaflympics record in Taipei. We continue to work for this organization in Turkey and we want to set new records"


The first group of Russia which will be represented by more than 500 participants was in a total of 50 people. Elizaveta Kashchavtseva, who will experience her first Olympic experience, said, "We arrived in Samsun without any problems. I compete in javelin and ball branches. I got three medals a year ago. I want to realize my dreams."

Until 18th of July the starting date of Deaflympics, Çarşamba Airport will be more active than ever before.

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