Deaflympics Samsun 2017, which is the biggest Deaflympics organization of history with the participation of more than 3 thousand athletes representing 97 countries from six continents, is happy with the international press organization and the interest of people of Samsun.

While the athletes from all over the world compete in Samsun, foreign press members who communicate their medal competitions to their countries are also working in Deaflympics.

More than 100 foreign journalists, reporters, and photojournalists in Samsun; are content especially with the organization, security, volunteers, and facilities, among other things which are provided for them.


Most of the members of the press who have come to the city to follow the Deaflympics 2017 Samsun on site have participated in international organizations before. Pan-American Games and Paralympic Games are the games that journalist participate most except Deaflympics. 

Luis Pena, Venezuela's Ministry of Youth and Sports, who participates in Pan-American Games before, after stated that for the first time he has worked in a Deaflympics and has had no problems so far compares the two big sports events as follows:

"The difference between Pan-American and Deaflympics is very clear. Pan-American Games addressing a single continent and have more local characteristics than Deaflympics. Samsun and Deaflympics are truly international in nature.


1500 volunteers, who are employed in the sign language and education, media, event venues and international relations departments, have received great marks from international media members. Hiroko Saito, who is from Japan and is a columnist for The Asahi Shimbun newspaper, stated this is the first time she is working in Deaflympics. "I'm from Tokyo. I've followed two Paralympic Games before: London and Rio. Now we're in Samsun. We have many volunteers helping us. They are very kind and helpful for us foreign press members. In addition to organization employees, the people of the city are very kind too. I can easily say that working with helpful and understanding people is making our job easier", she said..


Vadym Korobenko, working as a media member for the Ukrainian Deaflympic teams, is one of the press members following Samsun 2017 on the ground. The Ukrainian reporter stated that he's been to Turkey and Samsun for the first time and said that the organization was very well-coordinated, especially in terms of security and health. Korobenko said he followed 2008 London Paralympic Games too, and commented on London, Samsun and the organization:

"If we consider the event venues, the organization in Samsun is really good. If we compare London and Samsun, of course London is a larger city with more facilities, but if we think in terms of the Deaflympics, Samsun has enough resources and fulfills all needs. I've spoken to many Ukrainian athletes who have competed in Deaflympics before. They said that Samsun has nothing lesser than other cities they participated in and that the resources and facilities are quite adequate. I actually think Samsun is a sports city".

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