Seasoned member of International Olympic Committee, Dr. Sam Ramsamy made statements to show their support to 23rd Deaflympics officially recognized by the IOC.

Ramsey said that he had visited Ankara and Istanbul before. Sam Ramsamy stated that he is impressed by the rapid completion of many facilities, the support of the government and Turkey's ability to handle sports organizations.


Referring to the importance of deaf  individuals' participation in the sport, the 79-year-old South African sports manager said by emphasizing the high participation:

"And the fact that so many people have come here, one, is because the Deaflympics Committee has done quite a lot of work and it has also provided support for some of the countries who are having financial difficulties. Secondly, it's also a compliment to Turkey and Turkey's government and the municipality of Samsun because they themselves have helped the Deaflympics to bring it here and also support it in very many ways."


Ramsey who stated that he had visited Ankara and Istanbul before and impressed by the development and added ‘’And I'm a bit surprised that Turkey or İstanbul did not bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. But my view, of course. Now it has already been decided 2024 and 2028 will be given together. So my view is that Turkey and the city, I presume, with İstanbul, the most attractive city in the world, a city with history that can match any in the world, in fact, it can outshine very many cities in the world, I believe everybody will be keen to come here and it's a question now when is İstanbul going to bid."


Ramsamy who reminded that ICSD and Deaflympics are officially recognized by the IOC, continued: "It means a great boost for the Deaflympics simply because, the cooperation means now, because they are recognized by the IOC, sponsorship access becomes easy. Secondly, the IOC will also provide some form of support. That has to be worked out between ICSD and the IOC. But that will be worked out later. But at the moment, we're happy to say that we are already supporting the ICSD in very many ways."


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