Turkey's National Deaf Men's Volleyball Team which came to Samsun for the biggest sports event of Turkey started their last camp. Head coach Çarkçı expects from the team, which has European and World Championships, to be the Olympic champion.

Deaf Men's Volleyball team which will compete at the Deaflympics 2017 Samsun continues their training straightly. The team, which won the European Championship in Paris in 2015, the World Championship in Washington in 2016, get their eyes on the Olympic championship.

Experienced head coach of the team Osman Çarkçı expressed that they are going through an efficient camping period. Çarkçı who reminded that he has a long history with volleyball said: "I have been with deaf athletes for 7 years. I am very happy to be with them. I believe that this is a duty given by God. We have been doing this for 7 years, trying to represent our country in the best way and to wave our flag in the most beautiful way."


Çarkçı said that he has worked with most of the team for many years and has not had difficulty in communicating with deaf athletes and added " Now, they know me and I know them very well. Now they understand what I mean with only one glance. We understand each other well with body language. Especially in the matches, we make eye contact constantly 


Head coach of the Turkish national team Osman Çarkçı who stated that they have a double training a day said: "We have been in the camp for about two months. We came to Samsun after the camp which started in Ankara. After we had some time in here, we got a tournament invitation from Bulgaria. Our Ministry of Youth and Sports and Turkish Deaf Sports Federation gave us an opportunity and we had a good tournament with the league teams in Bulgaria. We've seen what our team can do. We arrived in Samsun on 1th of July. We continue our camping with double training a day in Mustafa Dağıstanlı Sports Hall."


Çarkçı stated that their only goal is to start Deaflympics well and added "As Turkey, we participate Deaflympics with 21 different sports. I hope that we will achieve some in every sport. Because even their smile makes me really happy. Of course, our target is to play in the finals. We will make our first match with Brazil and I hope we will achieve victory. I want to raise our flag up to the flagpole in the best way. Because our volleyball team won one Europe and one World Championships. The Olympic gold medal is the only thing that we lack. We will win this with cooperation."

Here is the roster of the Deaf Men's National Volleyball Team:

Kadir Akyıldız, Kaan Hilmi Çiçek, Furkan Genç, Ersin Hayta, Metin İmdat, Kerim Karabıçak, Rıdvan Karataş, Mehmet Kuzucu, Emrullah Palaz, Ahmet Metin Razbonyalı, Cevat Şimşek, Ozan Yağız, Hasan Yaşan, Fatih Yiğiter.


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