Everybody from athletes to administrators, coaches and volunteers has left the organization in Samsun with fond memories.

Bringing together more than 3 thousand athletes from 97 countries, 23rd Summer Deaflympics was the most inclusive organization in both Deaflympics and Turkish sports history. Samsun mamaged to make its guests happy, both as a city and organization in hosting such a large organization.

Both hardened administrators who took part in many other large organizations, and athletes experiencing their first Deaflympics, left Deaflympics 2017 happy.

ICSD Football technical delegate Rosario De Caro, who has been serving at his job for more than a year and has served in many other international organizations, has stated: "The coordination was great in Samsun. Communication, planning, programming, in short everything was at a high level. Another thing I was surprised about was the interest of the audience. The tribunes were filled to the brim. I was really surprised at hearing people being so interested in the Games".

USA Deaf Men's National Volleyball Team players Daniel Moreno and Ryan Poindexter are two names who will remember Samsun well. Moreno said he won't forget the culture, cuisine, sun and ice cream of Turkey, while Poindexter was impressed by the hospitality and the friendliness of the people of Samsun.


Greece Deaf Sports Federation President Iosif Stavrakakis is another administrator who has left Samsun happy. Stavrakakis has stated that he is very satisfied with the organization even though there were small troubles, continuing: "The sympathy of the people on the streets, even though I'm Greek, has made me happy. People have shelved politics. I'm happy that it was sports, not politics that was at the forefront".

The Games in Samsun will be remembered by ICSD President Mr. Rukhledev's "It was the best Deaflympics in history" comment, in addition to the compliments of the participants. 


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