Turkey's Deaf Badminton National Team player Kemal Özer both starts working in a factory after losing his father to support his family's living and every year he gets the first place in Deaf Badminton Championships of Turkey.

Badminton National Team player Kemal Özer, who continued his camping activities in Samsun for the 23rd Summer Deaflympics made quite a name for himself with his successes that he gained at his young age.

Kemal Özer, the national team player who is the son of Turgut and Aysun couple who is from Eskişehir, continues his life by working in the factory while he does not leave sports for a while. Ambition and success of Kemal Özer whose life was changed completely after becoming the Turkey Champion in 2010 can be a model for everyone.


Kemal Özer who told how he joined the Badminton National Team when he was 17 years old said "I started badminton at the age of 14. Before badminton, I was playing in the normal's football club. I started to play badminton after my friend Onur Tekmen invited me to play badminton. When I hear the name of badminton, I get into very strong feeling. I have a great love towards this sport."


Özer who said that his mother and father always support him in his sports life stated that "My mother is a housewife and my father is a farmer. In the mornings, after I stop by for passing some time with my dad, I was going to do some practices.

This process continued until I became Turkey Champion in 2010. Shortly after the championship was over, my father had a heart attack on the tractor and lost his life. My life changed completely after my father died. Ever since my father died, I always think and dream of him as I run in the training. I think he is watching me during the competition that I participated. My father always wanted me to be the champion of Europe and the world. Now I am the champion of Turkey in every year because of the love of my father and my longing for him. I think of it as my duty. That's why I feel that my father did not leave me alone during the training.


Özer who added that they have the self-confidence for the Deaflympics said "As a team, we work intensively while there is numbered days to Deaflympics. I never thought that the other teams are so strong. Turkey is a very strong team. We believe in ourselves, we believe and think that we will succeed. Because we practice five days a week. We are ready and waiting for them to come."


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