Turkish Deaf National Handball Team which completed the İzmir part of their preparations acted very carefully in the selection of the players.

Turkey's Deaf National Handball Team, which was practicing for the 23rd Summer Deaflympics completed their preparations in İzmir. Head coach Serdar Eler stated that they had a very productive camp period.

Eler, who stated that they had 4 practice matches in İzmir camp said "In İzmir, the conditions of the halls are very convenient, we can call it a complete handball city. We did not have any deficiencies. The Izmir camps are always efficient for us. It is also an advantage for us that there are teams that we can make practice matches.

The successful coach who indicates that they acted rigorously in the selection of the squad, said: "Our first camp started with 32 athletes, with a very large squad. We chose the athletes by watching all the matches without distinction all over Turkey. After the second camp, he reduced this number to 20. Along with our last camp in Izmir, we continue with our final squad of 18 players."

Here is the Turkish Deaf National Handball squad who will enter their last camp in Samsun on 1th of July:

Murat Emin Acar, Hamza Alkoyun, Murat Atak, Cem Denli, Ahmet Gözel, Mustafa Özbay, Tugay Gündoğdu, Kemal Gündüz, Mahmut Volkan Kış, Taşkın Kızılkaya, Samet Köklü, Serkan Oral, Emre Özçelik, Ali Rıfat Şahin, Mustafa Semis, Remzi Sönmez, İsmail Tuna, Ergin Yılmaz. 


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