Reyhan Betül Küçük, one of the biggest hope for medal of the Deaf Swimming National Team, is preparing for Deaflympics 2017. Reyhan's goal is not limited to Samsun. Reyhan wants to compete with hearing people at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

Reyhan Betül Küçük, 16, started swimming four years ago. Reyhan swam in an amateur club in Hendek, Sakarya for two years and then stepped into the professionalism by going to the Sakarya Altın Kulaç Club.

The national athlete who has been swimming in the professional level for two years told the first days of his career:

"My purpose was only to learn swimming. I started to stand on the water in the pool of a small club that opened in the Hendek, Sakarya, to learn to swim. As time progressed, I saw myself developing. My coaches told me that I have a potential and If I study on it, there can be something good. We started to work on this and we came to this day. '


Reyhan who spends four hours a day in the pool is swimming freestyle and breaststroke. The national athlete, who is called by his friends as "frog" because of her swimming style and love of work.

If I did not like this sport that I do, I would not work so hard and I would not go on and left it. Because it's a very difficult sport. I guess I would be an aimless person if there was not swimming. I would have no purpose in my life. I would not have anything to say to me. How can I say, people are calling me frog because I'm swimming in breaststroke style and it looks like the move of a frog. This makes me happy, "she said.

Until today, the national swimmer who won 55 medals and three trophies in the competitions in Turkey now she will get her first international experience with Deaflympics 2017.


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