Turkey National Deaf Volleyball Team, who at first became the champion of Europe then became the champion of the World successively, now defeated the team Ukraine with the score of 3-0.

Men's Volleyball National Team which has won the Olympic gold in 23rd Summer Deaflympics hosting in Samsun, experienced the championship of Europe in Paris, 2015 and of the World in Washington, 2016.

Turkish National Team, which went to the İlkadım Mustafa Dağıstanlı Sports Hall by bus where the competition will be held, on the final day, 28th of July, left the Olympic Village after eating their lunch, was sure that they will be victorious.


Head Coach Osman Çarkçı and technical team, who worked with the team for 7 years, held a technical meeting in the locker room. After the meeting, Çakır stated that they were confident in the way to the medal and continued: "In our own country, in front of our own people and under our own flag, we will try to get the best results. This is the final game. Everything can happen but we believe that we will win."

The national team which took the field with this confidence ended the match with the results of three sets of 25-22, 25-21 and 25-23 against Ukraine, and added an Olympic champion title next to European and world championship titles.


After the match, Çakır who celebrates the joy of the gold medal with the team, administrators and crowd over 2 thousand in Mustafa Dağıstanlı Sports Hall said: "The team played very well and won a gold medal. We were one medal short. Now we have  Europe, World, and the Olympic golds. We came to the end. We Thank everyone who supported us."

Cevat Şimşek, the captain of the team, reminded that Ukraine has dominated the volleyball field for many years before the European championship in 2015 that they won."But we did trust ourselves 100%. We defeated them without losing a  single set. European championship, world championship and now Olympic championship... We have won three championships in three years. That's great. We are very happy"


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