Turkish Deaf Women's National Football Team, which will participate in Deaflympics for the first time, wants to gain experience and struggle with Olympic spirit.

Turkey Deaf Women's National Football Team is continuing its training before its first Deaflympics experience in Ankara. Head coach Nihan Su stated that their training is going well and that their foremost aim is to put on a good performance and to gain experience.

The 36-years-old coach, who said she formed the squad by watching Turkey Women's Futsal Tournament organized by Turkish Deaf Sports Federation in February, continued: "10 players who participated in Deaf World Football Championship in Italy last year are in our squad now. They will contribute greatly to our team. We have formed our 22-people squad by calling up 2 players who were playing abroad".


Ms. Su, who emphasized once again that they will compete in the Games for the first time, explained: "First and foremost we want our daughters to compete well and with the Olympic spirit. What we value is not just sportive successes but getting them out of their homes and out to the fields. We succeeded in this. I believe that our Women's National Team will make their voices heard in a few years".


Fatma Kavlak, the captain and one of the experienced players, said the team has improved greatly since the last World Championship. "I watched our rivals in Italy last season. We have gotten better since then. Our goal is to rank top 3 in Deaflympics. I believe we will succeed".

Here is the squad of Turkish Deaf Women's Football National Team:

Kardelen Duran, Bahar Yalçın, Berfin Demir, Berna Çekiç, Büşra Doğruyol, Perihan Derya Dedeoğlu, Dilara Tecimer, Elif Ömür, Fatma Kavlak, Fatma Çapaklı, Müslime Develi, Rabia Erdoğmuş, Rabia Şahin, Raziye Yeşilyurt, Sümeyye Merdivan, Yaren Su, Özlem Aktaş, Yasemin Dönmez, Esra Salahein, Gurbet Yiğiter, Ayşegül Arı, Emine Türk, Şadiye Dellal, İrem Fatma Kara.

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