Orienteering is being held for the first time in Deaflympics history in Samsun. The results of Turkey in the mixed relay race, held in Cumhuriyet Square and Çiftlik Avenue, is promising.

Orienteering, a sport involving using a map and compass to reach goal points, is now in Samsun's Cumhuriyet Square and Çiftlik Avenue. In the mixed relay race, 5 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Turkey) participated with 2 male and 2 female athletes.

Turkey Orienteering Federation President Hacer Akyüz stated that she is very happy, as orienteering is being held in the Deaflympics for the first time. Akyüz stated that competing in the Games for the first time is a great experience for them. "We gave great importance to a sport that's being held in Deaflympics for the first time. We will host the 2019 Europe Ski-Orienteering Championship in Erzurum. We have also taken Youth World Championship 2020 in Kocaeli. This Deaflympics and the experience it brings is very important".


The Turkish team completed the race in 1 hour 36 minutes 5 seconds and ranked 4th, while the Ukranian team completed the race in 1 hour 2 minutes 21 seconds and became the first Deaflympics orienteering champions. The Russian team won the silver medal and Lithuania won the bronze.

Orienteering head coach Kenan Aksın said the result is promising. "The result is a good success for us. The other countries are countries that have an orienteering history, they are experienced. It wouldn't be realistic to hope to beat them with a team that's only one year old. But becoming 4th is a promising result. We completed the race in a good time. We still made history. We've shown to the whole world that Turkey competes in this sport, too".

Orienteering races will continue with the middle distance race in Bayraktepe Picnic Site on July 25.


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