Turkey National Deaf Wrestling Team, who won 1 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze medals for a total of 10 in Deaflympics Sofia 2013, seeks to break its own medal record in Samsun.

Training and preparations in wrestling, one of the sports Turkey is most ambitious at, are approaching the end. The Turkish National Team had won 1 gold (İlhan Çıtak), 3 silver (Oğuz Dönder, Mustafa Seçim, Muhammed Akdeniz) and 6 bronze (Erdal Kulur, Mustafa Dede, Seyfettin Karadeniz, Şenol Aydın, Alparslan Coşar, Kadir Kuş) medals in Deaflympics Sofia 2013. The team wants to break their own record in Samsun.

Turkish National Deaf Wrestling Team head coach Rüstem Koyuncu stated that the team underwent a 5-months-long intensive training program for the Deaflympics. Koyuncu said that the camp was very productive: “We worked very hard. I believe that we will be successful. We have a good roster. I believe that we will achieve great results in the Deaflympics.”


Turkish national wrestler Oğuzhan Cemil Şimşek, who won a gold medal in Men's Greco-Roman 130 kg at World Deaf Championships in Tehran last year, said they were working very hard to succeed. Şimşek stated: "I want to win for my homeland."

The Deaflympics 2017 Wrestling competition will begin on the 21st of July. Here is the Turkish national squad:

Coaches: Necmi Gençalp, Rüstem Koyuncu, Mesut Zehir, İsmail Göze, Yusuf Gümüş, Necmettin Yılmaz, Halil Karacor, Ahmet Özak and Temel Yaşar.

Wrestlers: İlhan Çıtak, Oguzhan Cemil  Şimşek, Celal Koçak, Muhammed Akdeniz, Kadir Kuş, Ahmet Talha Kacur, Seyfullah Karadeniz, Mustafa Dede, İsmail Hakkı Bostancı, Mehmet Ali Yiğit, Onur Arı, Ercan Gör, Oğuz Dönder and Dursun Gözel.


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