In the 23rd Summer Deaflympic Games held between 18-30 July, 86 records were broken, 54 being world records and 32 being Deaflympics records. The branch most records were broken was swimming.

In the 23rd Summer Deaflympics Games bringing together more than 3 thousand athletes from 97 countries and 6 continents, the spectators experienced 86 records being broken. Of these, 54 are world records and 32 are Deaflympics records. 

In swimming, 26 records were broken, the most of any branch. There were 15 records in shooting and 13 in athletics.

Russia received a total of 199 medals in Samsun, more than any country, also dwarfing her rivals with 33 world records.

The only record Turkey broke in Samsun belongs to Yasin Süzen. The Turkish athlete broke the Deaflympics record with a time of 47.03 in the 400m men's race.

Here's a list of all records broken in Samsun:

(WR = world record, DR = Deaflympics record)


Men's 10m air rifle qualifiers – Changhoon Choi (South Korea) 618.3 (WR)
Men's 10m air pistol qualifiers – Kihyeon Kim (South Korea) 576 (WR)
Men's 10m air pistol final – Taeyoung Kim (South Korea) 197.2 (WR
Men's 25m pistol qualifiers – Taeyoung Kim (South Korea) 569 (WR)
Men's 50m rifle prone qualifiers – Changhoon Choi (South Korea) 614.7 (WR)
Men's 50m rifle prone final – Thomas Moesching (Switzerland) 202.8 (WR)
Men's 50m 3 positions rifle qualifiers – Changhoon Choi (South Korea) 1155 (WR)
Men's 50m 3 positions rifle final – Changhoon Choi (South Korea) 443 (WR)
Women's 10m air pistol qualifiers – Lana Skeledzija (Croatia) 374 (DR-equalize)
Women's 10m air rifle qualifiers – Melanie Stabel (Germany) 412.6 (WR-equalize)
Women's 10m air rifle final – Melanie Stabel (Germany) 205.4 (WR)
Women's 50m 3 positions rifle qualifiers – Dina Droganova (Russia) 578 (WR)
Women's 50m 3 positions rifle final – Dina Droganova (Russia) 452.5 (WR)
Men's 50m pistol qualifiers – Kihyeon Kim (South Korea) 551 (WR)
Men's 50m pistol – Taeyoung Kim (South Korea) 189.8 (WR)
Women's 50m prone qualifiers – Melanie Stabel (Germany) 615.3 (WR)


Women's pole vault – Ekaterina Nikiforova (Russia) 3.30 (WR-equalize)
Women's pole vault – Maria Nechaeva (Russia) 3.30 (WR-equalize)
Women's pole vault – Maria Nechaeva (Russia) 3.40 (WR)
Women's pole vault – Maria Necheva (Russia) 3.45 (WR)
Women's hammer throw – Trude Raad (Norway) 62.22 (DR)
Women's hammer throw – Trude Raad (Norway) 66.35 (WR)
Men's 10000m – Symon Cherono (Kenya) 29:11.73 (DR)
Men's pole vault – Kirill Fillipov (Russia) 4.81 (DR)
Women's 400m hurdles – Asya Khaladzhan (Russia) 1:00.22 (WR)
Men's 1500m – John Koech (Kenya) 3:48.95 (DR)
Men's high jump – Denis Fedorenkov (Russia) 2.09 (DR)
Men's high jump – Denis Fedorenkov (Russia) 2.11 (DR)
Men's high jump – Denis Fedorenkov (Russia) 2.13 (WR)
Men's 3000m steeplechase – Lucas Wanjiru (Kenya) 9:04.82 (DR)
Women's javelin throw – An-Yi Hsu  (Chinese Taipei) 46.80 DR
Women's javelin throw – Laura Stefanac (Croatia) 49.20 (DR)
Men's 400m – Yasin Süzen (Turkey) 47.03 (DR)
Women's marathon – Nele-Alder Baerens (Germany) 2:51:19 (DR)
Women's marathon – Nele-Alder Baerens (Germany) 2:00:25 (WR)
Women's half marathon – Nele-Alder Baerens (Germany) 1:23:36 (WR)
Women's marathon 20 km – Nele-Alder Baeren (Germany) 1:19:12 (WR)
Women's discus throw – Lenka Matouskova (Czech Republic) 47.95 (DR)
Women's 4x100m relay – Alena Filushkina, Oxana Klimova, Marina Grishina, Ksenia Golovina (Russia) 47.05 (WR)
Women's 4x400m relay - Victoria Chernisheva, Iuliia Abubiakirova, Ekaterina Kudriavtseva, Asya Khaladzhan (Russia) 3:48.14 (WR)
Men's 30 km marathon – Daniel Kiptum (Kenya) 1:38:55 (WR)


Men's 50m backstroke qualifiers - Igor Zhuravlev (Russia) 27.05 (WR)
Men's 50m backstroke -  Matthew James Klotz (USA) 26.26 (WR)
Mixed 4x100 Freestyle - Russia (Vitalii Obotin, Miron Denisov, Maria Karpova, Elonoroa Brykanova) 3:41.54 (WR)
Men's 400m Freestyle - Satoi Fujihara (Japan) 3:57.90 (DR)
Women's 200m Freestyle - Viktoriia Terenteva (Russia) 2:04.64 (WR)
Women's 4x100 team medley - Russia (Olga Kliuchnikova, Ekaterina Kulikova, Ekaterina Savchenko, Viktoriia Terenteva) 4:20.88 (WR)
Women's 50m backstroke- Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 30.25 (WR)
Women's 100m backstroke – Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 1:03.28 (WR)
Women's 100m backstroke – Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 1:02.61 (WR)
Men's 400m singles medley – Satoi Fujihara (Japan) 4:28.49 (DR)
Men's 4x200 Freestyle – Russia (Andrei Zhivaev, Leonid Grishin, Miron Denisov, Vitalii Obotin) 7:40.91 (WR)
Men's 200 Freestyle – Satoi Fujihara (Japan) 1:52.99 (WR)
Women's 200m singles medley qualifiers – Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 2:22.79 (WR)
Women's 200m singles medley – Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 2:19.35 (WR)
Men's 100m Freestyle – Miron Denisov (Russia) 51.51 (DR)
Women's 200m breaststroke – Aksana Petrushenka (Belarus) 2:35.90 (DR)
Men's 200m backstroke – Matthew James Klotz (USA) 2:01.96 (WR)
Men's 50m butterfly – Andrei Zhivaev (Russia) 24.75 (WR)
Women's 4x100 Freestyle – Russia (Maria Karpova, Alena Alexeeva, Viktoriia Terenteva, Eleonora Brykanova ) 3:54.73 (WR)
Women's 50m butterfly – Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 28.33 (DR)
Women's 50m backstroke qualifiers – Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 29.93 (WR)
Women's 50m backstroke  - Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 29.34 (WR)
Men's 50m breaststroke qualifiers – Martin Fomin (Russia) 29.29 (DR)
Men's 50m breaststroke – Martin Fomin (Russia) 29.22 (DR)
4x100 team medley  – Russia (Alena Alexeeva, Martin Fomin, Andrei Zhivaev, Maria Karpova 4:07.20 (WR)
Men's 200m Freestyle – Guilherme Kabbach (Brazil) 1:52.55 (WR)
Men's 4x100 team medley – Russia (Igor Zhuravlev, Martin Fomin, Andrei Zhivaev, Miron Denisov) 3:48.86 (WR)
Men's 100m backstroke – Andrei Zhuravlev (Russia) 58.24 (DR)
Men's 50m Freestyle qualifiers – Matthew James Klotz (USA) 23.92 (DR)
Men's 50m Freestyle qualifiers – Ilya Sarykin (Russia) 23.83 (DR)
Men's 50m Freestyle semi-final – Ilya Sarykin (Russia) 23.68 (DR)
Women's 100m breaststroke qualifiers – Aksana Petrushenka (Belarus) 1:13.36 (DR)
Women's 100m breaststroke – Aksana Petrushenka (Belarus) 1:12.33 (DR)
Men's 100m backstroke qualifiers – Matthew James Klotz (USA) 58.17 (DR)
Men's 100m backstroke – Matthew James Klotz (USA) 56.09 (DR)
Men's 50m backstroke – Matthew James Klotz (USA) 27.03 (WR)
Men's 1500m Freestyle – Satoi Fujihara (Japan) 15:37.64 (WR)
Women's 4x200m Freestyle – Russia (Maria Karpova, Ekaterina Savchenko, Eleonora Brykanova, Viktoriia Terenteva) 8:45.71 (WR)
Women's 200m backstroke qualifiers – Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 2:22.72 (WR)
Women's 200m backstroke – Olga Kliuchnikova (Russia) 2:17.15 (WR)
Men's 50m Freestyle – Andrei Zhivaev (Russia) 23.44 (DR)
Men's 200m singles medley – Vitalii Obotin (Russia) 2:04.53 (DR)
Women's 50m butterfly – Alena Alexeeva (Russia) 28.30 (DR)
Men's 4x100m Freestyle – Russia (Ilya Sarykin, Andrei Zhivaev, Vitalii Obotin, Miron Denisov) 3:28.49 (WR)
Men's 100m Freestyle – Ilya Sarykin (Russia) 52.09 (DR)

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