The most successful country in the history of the Deaflympics is the United States. From an individual point of view, the South African Terrence Parkin is the most successful athlete of all time. Although Turkey participated in the games from 1989 onwards, Turkey quickly rose to become the 26th most successful country in history.

In the Deaflympics which was for the first time held in Paris in 1924, the United States has been at the top of both the grand total and the gold medal.

The United States, which won 350 gold medals of 987 medals in the last 22 organizations, is at the top of the list well ahead of the games which Samsun will host the 23rd one. 
Second place is taken by the Soviet Union countries with 173 gold medals and with 164 gold medals, Germany took the third place. Russia, Italy, Iran, Ukraine, France, Britain, and Sweden, respectively, complete the first 10 on the medal table.


South African swimmer Terrence Parkin has participated in the Deaflympics for five times since 1997 and has won 33 medals in total, 29 of which are gold. The total of 33 medals has made Parkin the most successful athlete in the history of the Deaflympics.


Turkey is ranked 26th on the list with 84 medals in total, 17 of which are gold. Also, Turkey has risen to the 22nd place according to the list based on the number of gold medals; Although Turkey has begun to participate since 1989 to the organizations which have109 participant countries. Turkey is among the 30 countries which have 15 or more medals


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