One of the sports that Turkey compete in Deaflympçs 2017 is bowling. Zeynep Canpolat and Şükriye Mutlusoy, the two youngest players in the team, dream big for the future.

Turkey, in Deaflympics Samsun 2017, have not seen the podium yet in single men and single women categories in bowling. The national athletes are trying to change this in the coming days in pairs, triplets, teams and masters.

Even if a medal is not gained, Turkish team will try to leave profitable. Because, the youngest names of the team,  Zeynep Canpolat, and Şükriye Mutlusoy, as many athletes have increased their expectations for the future after the Olympic experience.

Zeynep Canpolat, 17, said: "We, as Turkey, want to take the first place, to be strong and to wave the Turkish flag. I want to make my family proud. I had a great experience taking part in this event. I never thought of leaving bowling."

Şükriye Mutlusoy, 19, said: "We wish to be successful in this organization where we are the host. I aim to wave our Turkish flag by reaching the first place in the world and Turkey in the coming years."


The team's coach, Recep Çınar, stated that they selected the young names in the squad from the talented athletes of the Turkish championship, stating, "At the end of the four camps we have identified six talented young people. Zeynep and Şükriye are only two of them. There are three in men and one in women categories, and they are already playing in Turkish leagues. I also meet with the Federation. Together, they will not lose our young generation and we will prepare them even better for the next Olympics."


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