Samsun is a province of Turkey and the 16th most populous city. It is located in the Central Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region and is the most populous city in the region. The general management of Samsun, where seventeen cities are located, is provided by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and governorship. It is surrounded by the Black Sea in the north, the Ordu in the east, Tokat and Amasya in the south, and Corum and Sinop in the west.


The Samsun climate varies in coastal and inland areas due to its location and geography. Coastline Although the summers are hot and humid in the summertime and the winters are cool under the influence of the Black Sea climate, the inner areas have a continental climate under the influence of the Akdağ and Canik Mountains and the cold, rainy and snowy summers are winter. In the coastal area, snow is very rare in winter, while in winter, transportation may be delayed due to snow. The lowest temperature average of the city is 11 ° C and the highest average temperature is 18.2 ° C.


The settlement history of Samsun extends to the Old Stone Age. Discovered in Tekkeköy Caves and dating between 60000 BC and 15000 BC, the stratum is the oldest settlement ever discovered. These people living in the cave settlement were not consciously underdeveloped and had not yet moved into the position of producers.

The mound, which is 15 meters high, 200 meters wide and long, was found to be the oldest settlement belonging to the Copper Age during excavations. Excavations at a settlement discovered on the edge of the Tekkeköy River show that this settlement has the characteristics of Late Copper Age and Bronze Age, and that the inhabitants of the settlement lived in hunting gathering and used Stone Devi tools, and no structure was found in the settlement.


Atatürk Cultural Center

It is an art center built in the town of Ilkadim in Samsun province, where the construction was completed in 2000 and the cultural organizations that were operating on 19 May 2001 were built. Designed to be an opera house as projected, it is planned to feel a grand piano look from bird's-eye view. AKM was used as a center for demonstrations and organizations of municipalities, various institutions and communities between 2001 and 2008.


The Samsun Archeology and Ethnography Museum, the first museum of Samsun, was opened in 1930s with the name Samsun Museum but the official opening date was May 19, 1981. Copper Age, Early Bronze Age, Hittite, Hellenistic and Roman periods are exhibited in the museum. The most valuable collection of the museum is Treasure of Amisos.


Samsun is located in the Central Black Sea Region of the Black Sea Region. Atakum, Canik, Ilkadım and Tekkeköy, which form the center before 2014, constitute an area of 661 square meters. To the north of the province center is the Black Sea, to the west the Bafra and Ondokuzmayıs districts, to the south the Kavak and Asarcık districts and to the east is the Çarşamba. With a central population of 605.319, Samsun is the second most populous province of the Black Sea Region, 299,033 more people than Ortahisar, the central district of Trabzon [166] and the most crowded city center of the Black Sea Region.

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