Beach volley is a team game played by teams of two, instead of teams of six on a sand court with a net across the centre. Beach volleyball first appeared in the early 1920s in Santa Monica, California. For this sport, areas were separated on sand islands created by the sea. First Beach Volley Tournament was held by an organisation among clubs in 1924. It was played by 6 players at first, but in the summer month of 1930, Paul Johnson nick-named Pablo was trying to play with 4 players because he couldn’t find 6 players, so modern beach volley with 2 players evolved. First Beach Volley competition was held in 1996 Summer Olympics (Atlanta, the USA) The Beach Volley spread rather quickly in Turkey. One of the factors for this quick popularity is that Turkey has wide coastal areas. The first competition in Turkey was held in men’s and women’s categories of Beach Volley European Championship in Alanya. “All Sports Organization” experienced in FIVB organisations in previous years got full marks by the European Volleyball Confederation. The Turkish Volleyball Federation was founded in 1958 and the Beach Volley is attached to the Volleyball Federation.


  • Ace: A point that lands in the opponent's court without touching any of the opponent’s players.
  • Antennas: are White-coloured fibre sticks, ascending above the net. It represents the space necessary for sending attack hits above the net. All the shots must be sent through the sticks without touching them, towards the opponent’s area. 
  • Stepping: It indicates the direction and steps taken by attacking player to jump for spiking.
  • Attack: An attempt by a player to win a point by hitting the ball hard over the net.
  • Hitter: A player who attempts to hit a ball by jumping.
  • Block: To block an opposing player from hitting the ball by jumping at the net with outstretched arms
  • Bump: is the reception of a shot by cupping the hands together so as to keep the arms closed tightly side by side and hitting the ball with the upper wrist and the bottom part of the elbow. It is also known as “pass”. In general the way it is used is when receiving the shots is pass.
  • Serve: The first stroke, starting the game. It is used in different ways. It is used without pressing the line.
  • Dink: A soft push of the ball over the blocker to near the net and space at the rear of blocker.
  • Double hit: A foul made by a player in case of a double hit to the ball. The only exception is to make one move and quickly crash the ball with both limbs. In this case, the game continues. It usually happens in block and defence. 
  • Call: An order given by a player who has to pass to an attacking player in order to send the ball to an empty space. Such as Line, Parallel, Cross, Cut, etc.
  • Spike Plasse: is a slow spike. Most soft hits are made via spike dink because it’s forbidden to tap the ball with fingers in beach volleyball.
  • Rally: A term used for the manner & content of a point for which both teams struggled for, by attacking after a service and a long exchanged, eventually lost because of a mistake. It is used in expressions such as “it was a brilliant rally” or “it was a long rally”.

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