Athletics is a regular sport which involves running, throwing and jumping events, and requires a development in many skills.

Athletics, having a 5000 year-history and deriving from word “athos” (fight, struggle and war), is one of the oldest sports in the world. In this sport, athletes display their racing, walking, jumping and throwing capabilities. Athletics events have always been very popular all around the world.

The Irish and Greeks were the first community to be involved in athletics as a contest and it is known that the first race was held in Egypt. However, the most popular Athletics races were first contested in Olympic Games held in Hellenic Greece. The first periodic Athletic competitions were held in 1825, London.

Turkey experienced Athletics competitions in 1868 for the first time thanks to the fact that Mekteb-i Sultani (Galatasaray High School) was the first educational facility to be totally introduced to a western education system. The Athletics Federation of Turkey was established in 1922 and became a member of IAAF in 1924. There are presently 213 IAAF member Countries.


  • Athlete: A person who is involved in Athletics.
  • Javelin: A long pointed spear made from either wood or metal that is thrown over arm.
  • Discus Throw: is where the athlete will complete one-and-a-half rotations in the ring, moving them forward, in an approximate straight line, from the back of the ring to the front.
  • Shot Put: The shot put ball is made of different kinds of materials depending on its intended use. Materials used include iron, cast iron, solid steel, stainless steel, brass, and synthetic materials like polyvinyl.
  • Anchor: A team's final runner in a relay race.
  • Cage: The area from which competitors throw a discus or hammer. The mouth of the cage is 6 m. wide, and sits 7 m. in front of the centre of the throwing circle.
  • Count back: The process used to determine the winner of a high jump or pole vault competition in which two or more athletes are tied for the best jump.



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