Basketball, is played, between two teams including five players, with hands, it is a team game in which the aim of the game is to score “baskets” by putting the ball through the circle named basket which has a height of 3.5 m. This game originated as winter training for baseball players and athletes and the aim was to put balls through wooden baskets. Basketball was first played by James Naismith in 1891. Since the baskets are the main objectives of this game, Dr. James Naismith called this game “Basket Ball”. It was played between two (2) teams including seven (7) players each and had three (3) periods of twenty (20) minutes. The first trial of Basketball in Europe took place in a gymnastics hall in Trevise Street, Paris in 1893. FIBA (International Basketball Federation) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland on 20th, June 1932. The first basketball match in Turkey was held in Robert College Sports Hall in 1904. Turkish Basketball Federation was established in 1959 and it is a member of the FIBA and ULEB.


  • Basket: An open horizontal metal hoop fixed to the backboard, through which a player must throw the ball to score points.
  • Jump Ball: A ball tossed into the air above and between two opposing players at the start of the game by the referee there by putting the ball into play.
  • Dunk: A one - or two-handed slam directly into the net.
  • Automatically Losing: During the game, if a team has less than 2 players remaning on the court, that team automatically loses that game.
  • Travelling: Moving one (except the pivot foot) or both feet while holding the ball without bouncing it, is a foul referred to as travelling.
  • Pivot Foot: The foot that a player must keep fixed to the floor to avoid a “travelling violation” while holding the ball.
  • Charge: Is an illegal touch, with or without the ball, by pushing the opponent’s body.
  • Block: To intercept a player’s shot, preventing the ball from continuing on its path towards the basket. 
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct: is a term used in basketball to refer to a particular player or team who has acted inappropriately and/or unprofessionally in the context of the game.
  • Technical Foul: is any infraction of the rules penalized as a foul which are against “fair play”.
  • Assist: A pass that leads directly to a basket scored by a teammate.
  • Rebound: The act of successfully gaining possession of the basketball in such a scenario.

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