The aim of Football, to score more goals than the opposition, is both simple and universally known. Teams of 11 players compete across two 45-minutes halves.

It’s known that the history of ball games played by foot date back to Asian Hun Empire. After that, the Chinese developed the ball game played by Huns and designed a game named “Cuju”.

The prototype of our modern football is the game named “harpastum” played among Roman soldiers. As for the history of football in England it is a major subject of discussion. The French, British and Italian all claim that football spread around the world from their country. Although the game appeared in almost all civilizations in similar forms, the closest to its current version is the one played in England in 19th century.

Football was firstly played by British families and Rums on Bornova grass in Izmir, Turkey in 1890. The first Football Club was founded by two British in 1902.

The Turkish Football Federation was founded under the name of “Futbol Heyet-i Müttehidesi” as a result of a meeting held in the hall of Letafet Apartment in Sehzadebas under the presidency of Yusuf Ziya Önis in 1923.


  • Offside: A violation where a player is closer to the other team’s goal line than any defenders.
  • Foul: Any illegal interference to an opposing player.
  • Penalty: A space in front of each goal where any of 10 infringements by the defending team results in a penalty kick for the attacking team.
  • Advantage: Given by the referee after a foul if he feels that the team that has been fouled wouldn't benefit from a stoppage in play.
  • Attack: The activities within the rules of the game in order to score a goal. 
  • Defence: Play within the rules in order to stop the opposing team from scoring.
  • Free kick: Is awarded to the team that has been fouled. It is taken from where the offence occurred. All opponents must be at least 9.15 m from the ball.
  • Throw-In: A throw from a player on the sideline into the field of play, awarded after the ball goes out of the sideline. The ball must be held with both hands and delivered from behind the back of the head and both feet must be either on the touch line or on the ground outside the touch line.
  • Corner Kick: A kick from the corner of the field to team-mates lined up in front of the goal, awarded to the attacking team when the ball goes over the goal line outside the goal posts and the defending team touched it last.
  • Hand Ball: A violation where a player touches the ball with the hands on purpose to let the ball change its direction and taking advantage of it. In the case when this happens, the opposing team are award with a free kick.

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