Handball is a team game played with a total of seven players including one in goal and 6 players on the field of play. Handball is regarded as one of the oldest sports. Modern Handball was firstly played in mid-19th century in Scandinavia and Germany. Following the foundation congress of International Amateur Handball Federation on 4th, August 1928 in Amsterdam, Handball started to be managed by its own federation. For the first time, handball was played as an open area sport in Turkey between 1927 and 1938. The first official handball match was played in 1938. The Turkish Handball Federation was founded as the 22nd Federation on 4th February 1976.


  • Five plus One (5+1) defence: is a kind of defence where five players make zone defence and one player makes man-to-man defence.
  • Crossing: is a combined technical movement by two, three or four players which involves crossing of one another’s space in order to score a goal.
  • Combined quick attack: It is an organised and quick attacking tactic.
  • Combined defence: Player(s) in the defending team have man marking tasks; the others use a zone defence.
  • Dribble: Manoeuvring the ball by bouncing it on the floor.
  • Piston movement: Basic attacking movement by moving continuously forwards and backwards.
  • Jump pass: is a type of pass whereby you jump as you pass the ball, to a teammate. 
  • Coming Forward: Defender’s coming forward to prevent opponent’s goal. 
  • 7m Shot: Direct shot taken from 7 metres. Form of punishment given for a foul when a player with the ball in his hand is fouled in a clear scoring opportunity.
  • (6-0) defence: is a type of defence during which six players are in the goal area.
  • Pass Attack: It is an attacking tactic which is started by a quick pass from the net to a player.

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