Table tennis is a sport played with two or four players hitting a ball across a table with a net across the centre. The earliest form of this sport known as indoor-tennis was played by British Army in India and South Africa in 1880s. A line of books would often be the net, the rounded top of a champagne cork would be the ball and occasionally a cigar box lid would be a racket. In 1926, meetings were held in Berlin and London that led to the formation of the International Table Tennis Federation. The first World Championships were held in London in 1926. Table Tennis was becoming less and less popular in Turkey until it started to regain popularity when the Table Tennis Federation separated from the Tennis Federation in 1966. Turkey won the table tennis championship at the Mediterranean Games held in Algeria in 1975. After the championship, it continued to increase in popularity. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Melek Hu from Fenerbahçe Sports Club brought the first victory in table tennis to Turkey. The Table Tennis Federation, which had been under the umbrella of the Tennis Federation, became an independent federation by separating from the Tennis Federation in 1966.


  • Backhand: A stroke with the hand turned backward.
  • Bat: Another name for racket
  • Backspin: Reverse spin imparted by striking the ball with a downward movement of the racket.
  • Blade: Part of the hard and flat surface of a racket used to strike a ball.
  • Block: A return shot where the racket is held in front of the ball with little movement at the point of contact, used to counter hard shots or when a player is out of position.
  • Cross-Court: Diagonal hit from one corner to another
  • Dead: A direct hit with no curve. It is also known as dead ball.
  • Deep: Shots made to spots close to the outside of the table, away from the net. 
  • Double Bounce: The ball’s bouncing twice on the same side of the table. If unable to prevent this, the player loses a point.
  • Flat: ball, travelling at speed, with no curve
  • Forehand: A stroke with the hand facing forward.
  • Let: Ball’s touch on the net when serving, or any situation which requires re-serving due to an external factor.
  • Lob: Defence hits done away from the table to counter hard strokes of the opponent.
  • Loop: Ball’s going forward swinging speedily.
  • Rally: A period of time the ball stays in game with exchanges.
  • Smash: A shot made so as to make a counter shot impossible. It is also known as a “fatal shot”.

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