Taekwondo is a defence sport including various techniques using bare hand and feet but no arms. Taekwondo is not only a technique and talent, but also recognized as a compilation of humane and philosophical values. The history of Taekwondo goes back to Three Kingdoms Period in Korea. Hwarang-Taekkyon (foot and hand) fighting art was improved during the “Silla Dynasty Wars”. Throughout the 20th century, Taekwondo was a dominant type of fighting art in Korea. Afterwards, this sport was recognized internationally as a national fighting art of Korea. World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) was founded in 1973 and the first World Championship was held in the same year in Seoul, Korea. The entry of Taekwondo to Turkey dates back to 1960s. This sport has been officially maintained within the Judo Federation since 1968. In 1976, this sport was officially included to European Championship for the first time and our country was ranked second in Europe as a team. Taekwondo Federation parted from Judo Federation in 1981. Taekwondo will be included in 2013 Mersin XVIIth Mediterranean Games for the first time within the scope of Mediterranean Games.


  • Joonbi: The referee's command to get ready to start the contest.
  • Jireugi: Punch.
  • Do Jang: Taekwondo training hall.
  • Kukki Jedehario Kveongne: Salute the flag.
  • Shio: At ease.
  • Shil Kyuk: Disqualification.
  • Kyong Go: Warning.
  • Seung: Win.
  • Bi Kim: Tie.
  • Charyot: Attention.
  • Kong-ne: Salute.
  • Shi-jak: The referee's command to start the contest..
  • Kalyo: Separate.

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