Tennis is a sport played between two players or teams of two players each on a court with a net across its centre. The object of the game is to score by striking a hollow ball covered with felt over a net into the opponent's court according to certain rules. First played in England in 18th century, Tennis first spread around English speaking-countries. It is now an Olympic sport with players at all levels, all ages and from all countries. In 19th century, Tennis introduced by English diplomats for Turkey was played among the British in Bornova and Karsiyaka, Izmir in 1905. It’s known that the date of the first tennis played by Turks is 1915. Since then, this sport was played in American High Schools. Fuat Hüsnü Kayacan started “the first Turkish movement” by establishing the Tennis Club in Fenerbahçe. The Turkish Tennis Federation was founded as an independent federation in 1953.


  • Ace: A legal serve that the opposing player fails to hit with their racket.
  • Double fault: A second failed serve in a row, resulting in the loss of the point.
  • Rally: The perfect exchange of shots between two players.
  • Spin: A ball spin high in the air
  • Backhand: The stroke used to return balls hit to the left of a right-handed player 
  • Return: The return of a serve or a hit.
  • Back court: The area between the service line and the baseline.
  • Tie-break: If the score in games reaches 6-6 in any other than the deciding set, there is a tie-break, won by the first player or doubles team to reach seven points with a margin of at least two clear points.
  • Lob: A ball hit high in the air and deep into the opponent’s court, usually over the opponent’s head.


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